Does Jailbreaking affect the performance of iPhone?

Jailbreaking is a common practice among iPhone users nowadays. It offers added features and functionalities that you could not expect from the native apps of iOS and boy it is fun. With Jailbreaking you really expand the horizons of your mobile devices.

On the face of it, Jailbreaking might seem illegal. Obviously, why wouldn’t it? You are eventually downloading non-certified apps on your iPhones and it may cause numerous backlashes which might affect the overall performance of your device. But still, people do it.

So, is jailbreaking going to affect your device in the future, what are the threats related to jailbreaking and which should we avoid by jailbreaking an Iphone. Let us discuss.

Is jailbreaking legal?

Don’t fall for the name “jailbreaking”, as it isn't illegal in any way. In jailbreaking, you simply install a bunch of apps and tweaks that would make your iPhone better and there is no harm in that.

Can Jailbreaking affect the performance of an iPhone?

Well, this is a common question that people have. When you open your iPhone fresh out of the box you will notice it only provides a limited number of apps. These apps you get are specially designed by Apple or partners of Apple and most of them do basically everything you might want from a smartphone. Thus, you will not find Apple providing any gimmicky apps like Video converter or Facebook with iOS.

But, have you ever questioned why don’t these apps come preloaded with the device?
-We searched far and wide to find the most plausible answer and after meticulous research and consultation, we could only arrive at one conclusion.

Apple does not provide such apps because it doesn’t have to. If you think carefully, the apps you get in iOs are system apps and they represent the system of the iPhone but jailbreaks are tweaks made on the native system to make your experience even better. So, one might say Apple in some way promotes jailbreaking to a certain extent.

Now, back to the main question.

No, jailbreaking is not something that is going to affect the performance of your device if provided, you use them in moderation. Consider you have installed 5 apps that do the same task. Every app uses up space and resources and with the increased load of apps, the iOs will eventually malfunction. Thus, jailbreaking is good in moderation.

Problems related to Jailbreaking

The biggest problems that jailbreaking an iPhone causes are:

In the previous article itself, we explained to you how resource allocation failure occurs when you download too many apps which ultimately serve no purpose. But, the biggest threat of jailbreaking is - Data Theft.

Over the years most apps have developed in such a way that it feeds your personal information. Right now if you download a simple app like “Scientific Calculator” then you will be blown away by the number of permissions you have to allow to just use a calculator app. Seems illogical right? Well, this is why jailbreaking is risky. Most foreign apps in your iPhone are always in search of your data and some apps will not even function properly if you do not allow permissions.

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What kind of Jailbreaking tweaks should be avoided?

We advise you to avoid these apps at all costs:

  • Apps that are not built for iOs.
  • Password storage/ protector apps.
  • Personal storage apps.
  • Any apps which want direct access with iCloud.
  • Apps that need continuous cellular data to work.


In the end, we would say. Jailbreaking is not a necessity, it is a choice so make your choices wisely and do not ever install any app on your iPhone which is poorly rated.

Be safe, enjoy the experience!