Are dating apps creating too many problems?

Dating apps, like many things, have their good points and their bad points. Mingling in a bar is slowly becoming a thing of the past amongst younger generations. We have all heard the stories of dates not looking like their profile pictures, ghosting and other dating horror stories relating to dating apps.

Stories of horror and success from Dating Apps

But it isn’t all horror stories. While certain problems may be a creation of dating apps, they do still work and there are success stories. By taking a look at the problems dating apps have, potentially, created we can also work out how to avoid them in our future searches for love.

Spoilt for Choice

Dating apps have opened the dating pool to a whole new level. You are no longer limited to a social circle, work environment or the people at a bar. Now, there are tons of singles within an X miles radius with who you can try to match with. Some of which you will never chat. There is such a thing called a Paradox of Choice, and that is what we like to have a choice, as human beings. However, too much choice can have negative effects. We can feel dissatisfied and our expectations become unrealistic.

With so many possible options on countless dating apps, it has become easy for a person to simply give up. There almost seems like there is no point trying to work past one small difficulty because at the click of a button or a swipe of a finger, you can be meeting someone new who might be better.

No Repercussions

Because we are finding dates using apps, an element of trust is lost. For example, when you meet a friend of a friend for a date, you trust your friend has set you up with someone suitable for you. And the same goes for the person you are dating. Once you meet, there is mutual respect to each other. This is because you don’t want to upset your friend or make them angry by disrespecting the person they have set you up with. Also, there is a risk of meeting again, and you don’t want things to be sour within the group.

When you meet someone on a dating site, there is already an initial distrust towards a stranger. You ask what their intentions are and if they are being honest about them. Plus, the point above comes into play, and a person can feel safe disrespecting their date because they have endless options and are unlikely to ever see that person again.

Not All Doom and Gloom

Studies have shown that sticking to a small dating pool and having respect for others will make you more satisfied with your dating choices. And websites such as this site, are a sure way to find successful dates. Dating sites do work when you know how to use them. You can find great dates with great people, all you need is a bit of an understanding of what problems dating apps can cause.

We all enjoy dating, meeting new people and hoping to find that special person. We live in a world where, thanks to technology, we can do just that, and it is easier than ever. It might seem like hard work at first but dating always has been. It is about courtship, seduction and a connection.

Those elements of dating have not changed. Don’t be afraid of using dating apps because of the horror stories you might have heard. You need to be in the game to win, so be cautious with what you have learned here and go find love.