Cydia Alternatives

Cydia created by Jay Freeman is still one of the most popular package managers available for all jailbroken devices. We provide for you the list of best Cydia Alternatives apps for iOS in 2020. Install native package managers on your iPhone or iPad, or download 3rd-party AppStore without jailbreak on iOS.

Cydia Alternative for Jailbreak

Let's start with the top 4 native package managers alternatives for Cydia that can be installed on your jailbroken device for free. All apps offer a modern look, better performance, and new options.

1. Installer

Installer is our favorite Cydia alternative software packed with hundreds of useful features. The app is compatible with iOS 9 - iOS 13, supports OLED mode, an option to backup all sources and installed packages. Moreover, it can also automatically import Cydia, Sileo, and Zebra sources. Installer app is not reliant on APT or dpkg, uses a modern database, and is compatible with RootlessJB.


2. Sileo

Sileo as a Cydia Alternative offers a modern user interface with access to all packages, installed repositories, jailbreak news, etc. The APT Package Manager is installed by default with Chimera Jailbreak tool, and it's compatible with iOS 11 - iOS 13.5. Sileo offers all features available in Cydia app in a more beautiful package. Edit sources, manage installed packages, and discover new tweaks.


3. Zebra

Zebra is a fast and simple Cydia Alternative replacement for iPhone, iPad, and iPod. It offers features to download and install your favorite jailbreak apps and tweaks. The Package Manager was designed to work with iOS 8 up to iOS 13. Add new sources, view available packages and upgrades, and search for apps and tweaks. Zebra can be installed for free from the official Cydia Repository.


Access a lot of useful apps, tweaks, jailbreak tools installing 3rd-party AppStore alternatives on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. There is no need to jailbreak your iOS device. Simply install the apps for free and gain access to all packages.

4. Panda Helper

Panda Helper is a free platform where users can download games and applications for free on iOS. In the utility category, you can find also jailbreak tools, tweaks, hacks, etc. The app allows users to download paid App Store apps for free. This is a great non-jailbreak Cydia alternative.

5. TutuBox

TutuBox is a small store with access to the most wanted emulators, jailbreak tools, hacked games, and tweaked apps for iOS. Like all other stores also this AppStore uses a developer certificate to install apps and it can be easily revoked by Apple. Fortunately, there is a workaround that can work to fix this issue like with AppWeleux app.

6. Gbox

GBox app is a free IPA signing tool allowing you to install any apps and games directly on your iPhone and without using a computer. This iOS application uses an enterprise certificate to install apps and it works with all packages. What's more, it offers a repository of popular console emulators and jailbreak tools for iOS.

7. iOSGoods

iOSGods App is a free AppStore with access to cracked applications, and lots of game hacks for iOS. The platform is focused on game hacks and modifications allowing you to cheat and activate special features in games like additional money and lives, unlock weapons or infinite ammo, and lot more.

8. Zeus

Zeus AppStore is a new platform offering signed apps that can be installed on any iOS device without using a computer. Access tweaked apps, popular console emulators, hacked games, jailbreak tools, and utilities from one application. Zeus App Store is compatible with iOS 13 and uses an enterprise certificate to sign IPAs.

9. AppWeleux

AppWeleux is 3rd party AppStore allowing users to install apps, games, hacks, jailbreak tools directly on the device. Like all other stores also this AppStore uses an enterprise certificate to install apps and it can be easily revoked by Apple. Fortunately, there is a workaround that can work to fix this issue.

10. AppValley

AppValley is a platform to download and install applications on iOS 10, iOS 11, iOS 12, and the newest version iOS 13. It doesn't require a PC to install AppValley on your iPhone. Go through the step-by-step guide to install the app on your device.

11. CyrusHub

CyrusHub Mist is a new platform to install apps, tweaks, emulators, jailbreak tools on your iPhone, iPad, iPod devices without jailbreak. You can find here a few packages available in Cydia Repositories and install them on jailbreak free iOS 13. No computer required.

12. Tutuapp

Tutuapp software doesn't require Jailbreak or Apple ID to work. The Store offers access to millions of apps, including paid, hacked games, and ++ applications with additional features. View apps by categories, ranking, or newly added positions.

13. AppCake

AppCake is an iOS App Installer that can install cracked iOS apps, install DEB files, download magnet, and .torrent files. AppCake is compatible with iOS 9 - 11, iOS 12, and iOS 13. You can install the Cydia alternative on Non-Jailbreak device with premium service iPASTORE.

14. TopStore

TopStore App is a free platform with no need for jailbreak on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. Sign paid apps, games, and hacked apps and install them on your device. TopStore works with iOS 10, iOS 11, iOS 12, and the newest version iOS 13.

15. FlekStore

FlekStore is a Cydia alternative for Apple devices allowing to install ++ applications, tweaks, and cracked apps without Jailbreak. The app is compatible with iOS 9.3.5 up to iOS 13. Moreover, you can add manually new FlekStore Repositories to the app to access even more applications for download.

16. CokernutX

CokernutX is a free platform allowing users to download and install popular paid apps and games available in AppStore for free. The software works without Jailbreak, and you are just a few steps to install the Cydia AppStore on your iOS device.

17. AppEven

Ever downloaded any paid apps for free? You really need to check out AppEven ( to download some of the coolest third-party applications and games for completely free. It's such an amazing application where apps are updating day today.

18. Ignition

Ignition App is the best place to find Tweaked Apps, Hacked Apps, Emulators, Jailbreaks for iOS. Access the library of hundreds of apps for iOS 12 and iOS 13. Install Ignition Store from the official source without a computer. No jailbreak required as well.

19. AppValley Companion

AppValley Companion is a compiled version of AltStore with a builtin list of sources containing over 100 ++ IPA files that can be installed on iOS 12 and iOS 13. The AppStore is free but it comes with some limitations. It's required to have a PC (Windows 10) or Mac to install apps.

Cydia Logo

What is Cydia?

Cydia is the first open-source unofficial AppStore for iOS. Originally released in 2008 by saurik, Cydia became popular among iPhone users for its ability to install packages to modify the system. The Package Manager works stable and it's installed by default by popular jailbreak tools including unc0ver or checkra1n.


If you are wondering if there is a better solution than then saurik's app we have for you a few apps like Cydia suggestions. Choose from native package managers offering similar features you can find Cydia like support for repositories, manage installed packages, or install 3rd-party stores without jailbreak.

Cydia works with all iOS versions, including the latest iOS 14. All mentioned alternatives can also run without any problems on iOS 14 Beta.