Current Jailbreak

Current gives your iPhone an interesting wave-inspired battery-level animation.

One of the things that apple fails to appeal to is its animations. Many handset brands have competing animations and creatives that overall enhances the UX/UI experience of users. Especially the ones operating on android have many animation-centric jailbreak tweaks, which can be ported to the IOS platform.

Apple needs to upgrade its game of animations, but until that happens, tech enthusiasts will continue to jailbreak and make animations of IOS better. One of the newly ported animations that users get through jailbreaking is the current tweak by IOS developer Chr1s. Get to know how current gives your iPhone an interesting wave-inspired battery level animation and level up.

How current gives your iPhone an interesting wave-inspired battery-level animation?

This wave-inspired gives an essence of animation that compromises the wave at the top of a colored background. It rises and falls lower based on the current battery level of the device. If you have been jailbreaking for a while, then such animations might feel familiar to you. A similar type of animation existed formerly, which was in the form of Xen HTML widget.

One of the things that users need to know is that the current does not support any gravitational physics. After installing this tweak, many people turn their device sideways to see if the wave would follow handset orientation. However, that is not what happens. When you have installed this tweak, it currently adds a preference pane in the Settings application, where few options can be changed and tuned as per the user. A few of them are mentioned below:

  • Toggle current on or off on demand
  • Select where the current animation happens, check for lock screen, home screen, or both lock and home screen.
  • Choose the custom or primary color of the wave.
  • Adjust primary wave color alphas level via a slider.
  • Select a custom secondary wave color, and adjust its color alpha level via a slider.
  • Adjust the wave amplitude via a slider

There is a respring button which is provided at the top right of the preferences pane so that users can easily save changes they make to any of the above options on setting the application. If you would like to try this current wave, you can download it through many repositories available online. They are available through the favorite package manager. The tweak appears to support jailbroken IOS 14 devices but may also work on previous versions.

What's the hype about current wave-inspired battery-level animation?

Well, it's just about appealing animations and the fact that iPhone users have to compromise on a lot of it due to the non-creatives of IOS devices. People can easily download this current inspired wave through any jailbreaking tweaks and get it on their current device system.


It's amazing how current gives your iPhone an interesting wave-inspired battery-level animation. While this is just one of the many that one gets hands-on to through jailbreak tweaks, this one is animatedly more appealing. Try this wave-inspired battery-level animation and have fun