How to download audios from a third party into your MAC

Audio serves many purposes; it can be downloaded as a song or for a part of any video or any specific purpose, but downloading audios from a third party into your Mac can pose a threat to your Mac.

A safe downloading process is necessary while you are downloading from non-Apple sources. You need to be sure that the source is reliable and safe, and secure. If not necessary, do not download and audio from non-reliable sources.

There are many sources from which audio can be downloaded, but the best one is YouTube. Undoubtedly YouTube is the most popular video platform present now. The reach and the amount of content available on YouTube are unmatchable.

You can easily select any audio you desire for your work from YouTube and download it using these simple steps.

Step by step guide to download the audio for Mac

  • Step 1: Download clip grab for your Mac and put it in your application folder.
  • Step 2: Now select the YouTube video whose audio you want to convert. Copy the URL of the video
  • Step 3: Open ClipGrab and paste the copied URL in the URL section of the window. Now select the format of downloading the video. Select mp3 to convert the video into the desired audio.
  • You can also download the video in mp4 format from here.
  • Step 4: Select the option ‘Grab this clip’ and sect the storage file for your audio and save it.
  • Step 5: The downloading process may take a few seconds, but after it will be downloaded and stored in your Mac.

After downloading the audio, you can also edit it. There are many apps available for audio editing like Audacity, Wavepad, Ocen audio, GarageBand, etc.


Download an app securely on your Mac, do not let any third-party app run without permission, and avoid unnecessary downloads from unreliable sources.