Circular Apple Watch: Rumor or Reality?

Apple's decision to provide its Apple Watch with straight edges makes the most sense. The rectangular shape is ideal for the interface that is list-based and more suitable for taking photos and maps.

But watches have historically featured round faces, which is why there have been rumors about Apple producing a circular Apple watch in the years to come.

Are we Going to see a Round Apple Watch soon?

Apple has been selling its Apple Watch for more than five years. Through the years, Apple has offered the Apple Watch new features and enhanced the specifications every year. But, aside from tweaks to the screen dimensions, size, colors, and materials, the appearance of the device has remained the same.

We believe it's unlikely that Apple would alter the look that is on its Apple Watch. However, there is evidence that Apple has considered, at the very least, the idea of a round shape for its Apple Watch, so there is a possibility that a circular Apple Watch could launch one day.

In the month of March 2021, a patent was issued that shows the design of a watch with a rounder face. In this instance, the face of the watch appears to be an integral part of the design patent. The display appears to move into the bracelet with ease.

It could also be evidence of Apple's plan to create an elongated watch face. It could mean that Apple works on foldable displays that are believed by many to be intended for the iPhone but actually intended for the Apple Watch.

It's not the sole patent that suggests Apple is considering an elongated design for the Apple Watch. In May 2018, the patent for a circular Apple Watch was approved, featuring a face with a round shape. The patent came out in the month of January, just a few months following the time that the first Apple Watch was released (in April of 2015).

Of course, just the fact that Apple's patents depict an elongated watch face does not mean it's the plan. The fact that Apple has filed a patent does not guarantee that the device will ever be released.

Possible Release Date of Apple Circular/Round Watch

Suppose Apple decides to release an elongated Apple Watch. In that case, we think it could be an alternative to the Apple Watch SE.

However, the SE was launched in September of 2020, and we anticipate that Apple will offer it in the next two years prior to replacing it. Therefore, we'd be willing to make an estimate of September 2022 for a circular Apple Watch, if ever.

Why are the chances of the round-shaped Apple Watch hitting the market so low

There are round smartwatches there, including Samsung's popular Galaxy Watch lineup.

However, the Apple Watch trumps them all with sales at the moment.

It's unclear if this will stay the case as Apple competes with a growing number of lower-cost smartwatches. Still, if the Apple Watch loses sales to others, it will be due to price rather than design.

We believe that Apple had a valid reason for choosing an almost square-shaped display for the initial six generations of the Apple Watch: it offers more significant space for applications. In addition, it is more user-friendly than a few models with round displays from the competition.

The saying goes, "If it ain't broke, don't repair it." Making the Apple Watch have a round face appears to be a very risky change in design when you consider that many people have already given their approval of the square-shaped design by purchasing Apple Watches.

The possibility of the Apple Watch seeing reality is low because there were numerous rumors from the past few years stating that Apple would release their next generation of Apple Watch with a circular design. So, we believe that Apple could retain its square-shaped design as it was accepted and loved by millions of users. Therefore, we believe it will not be a surprise if Apple retains its square-shaped design for its upcoming Watch models.


The circular Apple watch might now be any kind of a revelation in the market but, it certainly will give the Apple Watch lineup a new charisma.

But, on the level of practicality, a square or rectangle Watch offers much more expandability than a circular screen can just not offer. So, the idea of a circular Apple Watch is still very much like a hit-and-miss situation.

But, if Apple ever makes the switch and produces a circular Apple Watch we will be elated nevertheless.