How to capture full page screenshot in Google Chrome

kuba - Friday, 2 August 2019
How to capture full page screenshot in Google Chrome

In some situations, you need to take a full page screenshot including everything outside the actual view. Google Chrome offers an easy solution to capture full-size screenshot and you don't need to install any additional extensions to make it work. Discover how to take a full website screenshot.

The newest versions of Google Chrome are packed with a lot of useful options including to capture screenshots including area, full size, node, and actual viewport. All options can be activated from the Browser Developer Tools. Access those functions on Windows, Linux, and Mac.

How do I Screenshot a whole page in Chrome?

Step 1. Open Google Chrome Browser.

Step 2. Navigate to selected webpage ex.

Step 3. Open Developer Tools on Mac ⌘ + Shitf + I, or on Windows Control + Shift + I.

Chrome Developer Tools

Step 4. Activate the Command Menu with ⌘ or Ctrl + Shift + P.

Step 5. Type in Command Menu Capture full-size screenshot.

Capture full size screenshot in Google Chrome

Step 6. Enter and a Click Save the PNG file with the screenshot.

Save website screen shot in Chrome

Developer Tools can be also activated from Main Menu (...) in the top-right corner → More tools → Developer tools. You can also open it by right-clicking anywhere in the page and selecting Inspect.

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