Chipolo ONE Spot Review: The only real alternative to AirTag

The Chipolo One Spot is a Bluetooth tracker that has been certified by Find My, making it the only alternative to Apple AirTag that is also slightly less expensive.

Bluetooth item trackers had become increasingly common in recent years, so it was no surprise when Apple launched its version, AirTag. However, after Apple made the Find My app available to third-party developers, other devices with this integration began to hit the market.


You've probably seen the One Spot if you've seen every other Chipolo tracker, whether it's the ONE or the Ocean Edition. With a round shape, a keyhole for connecting to bags or keychains, and a logo stamped on the front, and it looks similar.

Since the battery is replaceable, you can recharge it rather than throwing out the whole tracker when it dies. It has an IPX5 water resistance rating, which can withstand light rain but not be submerged.

The center button is used to set up the system for the first time. It also serves as a chime to warn you when you get close to your computer.

Supports Find My app

Chipolo offers a variety of Bluetooth item trackers, but the One Spot stands out as the only tracker that, apart from AirTag, supports the Find My app and uses the Find My network.

There are millions of devices around the world that can send back your tracker's position by tapping into the vast army of iPhones, iPads, and Macs. If you leave your keys in a cafe's cushion, for example, the location of the tracker will be sent back to the owner in the background whenever a supporting Apple gadget passes by.

All is controlled in Find My, from setup to monitoring, rather than relying on a third-party Chipolo app.

To go with the Chipolo One Place, pair it with:

  • Go to the new Items tab in the Find My app.
  • Select "Add New Item" from the drop-down menu.
  • On the popup card, select "Other Support Object."
  • After that, click the center of the One Place, and you'll hear a chime.
  • When it appears, tap "link."
  • Give your tracker a name and an emoji.

Your Chipolo One Spot will appear in the Find My app alongside any AirTags you have, as well as any other Find My-enabled items. You can see where it was last seen on the map, as well as when it was last seen.

When you tap on an object in the list, it displays all of the information you need for your tracker. You can check the battery life, see when it was last online, get directions to where it is, switch on alerts and lost mode, or listen to music.

If you want to reattach a keychain tracker to your bicycle, you can rename the tracker to make it easier to identify what is being tracked. There's also the option of completely removing the tracker.

You may also ask Siri to help you outside of Find My. When you ask Siri to locate your tracker, it will begin playing the chime right away if it is nearby.

It was always dependable during our research. We were also able to use our HomePod to trigger the chime, which was very convenient when we were around the building.

ONE Spot or AirTags?

The most popular question is how the Chipolo One Spot stacks up against Apple's AirTag. There are three major differences between the units.

Apple's U1 ultra-wideband chip is used in AirTag to allow precision tracking inside the Find My app. It will give you an exact heading as well as the distance to the device you're looking for on your iPhone.

Chipolo, on the other hand, relies heavily on audible sound to help find the object and uses Bluetooth to give you a general understanding of where it is.

Chipolo, on the other hand, has a much clearer speaker than AirTag, making it easier to locate. In our checks, Chipolo was around 120dB, while AirTag was around 86dB.

The NFC chip in AirTag is another big differentiator. Any iPhone or Android user in lost mode can tap on a found AirTag to see information about the owner and how to return the object.

Chipolo does not have this option, but objects can still be placed in the lost mode.

Last but not least, there's the cost. For a single tag, AirTag costs $29, while Chipolo One Spot costs $28 — a marginal discount. A four-pack of AirTag is also $99, while a four-pack of One Spot is $90.

Chipolo's built-in key ring eliminates the need for a loop or holder when connected to your pocket or keychain, resulting in additional accessory savings.