Carbon Copy Cloner 6 released with hefty upgrades

One of Mac's most useful computer apps has recently received a significant update.

Carbon Copy Cloner 6, the latest update for Bombich Software's fantastic backup program, was recently released.

It's a big update with a redesigned interface and hundreds of new features, the developers claim. We've added a lot of new features in the nearly four years since our last big release.

Instead of searching every folder for changes, the application will now use the macOS FSEvents service to acquire a list of files that have been updated on the source since the last backup. Additional macOS Big Sur compatibility, support for dark mode, and a more accurate progress indicator when a task is running, among other things, have been added.

Carbon Copy Cloner 6 is available for $39.99 for a full license and $20.00 for an upgrade if you've already bought a full version.

Take a look at the latest features in CCC 6:

  • Our next-generation file copier allows for faster backups.
  • A brief update: Your backups will be updated up to 20 times faster.
  • Dark Mode, real-time task performance information, and estimated time remaining have all been added to the redesigned GUI.
  • Navigator for snapshots: CCC File Explorer is a simple tool for exploring older versions of CCC files. Dashboard is a new menubar software that now includes a snapshot disc use feature. Make copies when files on the source are changed.
  • Audit of Backups: Examine what was copied and why it was copied.
  • Compare and contrast: The source and destination are compared visually.
  • Options for advanced file verification

Our users have requested several functions, including the ability to pause a backup.

Faster backups with our next-generation file copier

We entirely rebuilt our file copier to take advantage of modern storage's performance characteristics. Our new file copier, which is built on a multi-threaded architecture, serves as the base for many of the new features mentioned below and paves the way for many more soon.

Update your backups up to 20X faster

Rather than searching every folder for changes, CCC can now use the macOS FSEvents service to acquire a list of files that have been updated on the source since the last backup. The performance benefit of this attribute cannot be overstated, particularly for tasks involving a destination network volume.

Redesigned Interface with Dark Mode

It's been a while since CCC's interface has been updated. CCC's main window has been reorganized to make it smaller while increasing the size of many of the controls and fonts. To provide a high-quality Dark Mode experience, they have fully redesigned every feature in CCC.

While a task is running, CCC now displays more accurate progress information, including estimating how much time is left. During backup operations, file processing and upload speeds are now graphed in real-time.