Blizzard Jailbreak

There are just a few open-source jailbreak tools available and Blizzard Jailbreak is one of the most interesting ones released today. Initially, iOS 11.0 up to 11.4.1 is supported in the first Beta, but the developer will also add support for iOS 12, and for iOS 13.0 up to iOS 13.5. All devices will be supported, including A12 and A13 ones.

What is Blizzard Jailbreak?

Blizzard Jailbreak is an open source jailbreak tool for iOS released as part of the #OpenJailbreak project by GeoSn0w. This release is aimed at the beginner Jailbreak Developers who want to learn how to create their own iOS Jailbreaks. The code is simple with only the necessary components being added.

Blizzard Jailbreak on iPhone

Blizzard Jailbreak will work with all devices running iOS 11.0 up to 11.4.1, all iOS 12, and will offer support also for all devices iOS 13.0 up to iOS 13.5, including A12 and A13 ones. The first Beta version of Blizzard exploit was tested on iOS 11.0 up to iOS 11.4.1.

Zebra is the default package manager for the Blizzard Jailbreak, but users can easily install any third-party package manager such as Cydia, Installer 5, or Sileo. Zebra is modern and a fast package manager for iOS. The jailbreak integrates unc0ver Substitute and Sam Bingner’s Elucubratus strap but there is an option also to install Procursus. This option is available before jailbreaking the device.

Zebra on Blizzard Jailbreak

Keep in mind that depending on the bootstrap (Elucubratus or Procursus, both also open source) you install, switching from another tool may remove tweaks. Blizzard Jailbreak is designed for developers to learn to jailbreak iOS, with fully commented components and documentation. Thanks to the built-in snapshot creation before the jailbreak extracts its files, restoring the ROOT FS and un-jailbreaking back to clean, stock iOS is very easy.

The open source repository for the Blizzard Jailbreak is now public. The Jailbreak isn’t finished and it’s not currently recommended for the general public (developer only). All sources are available via GitHub.

Blizzard repository includes source code for AMFI Utilities, APFS Utilities, Blizzard Jailbreak, Helper Libraries, Kernel Utilities, PatchFinder, sock_port, sock_port_UITests, sock_port_tests, and Blizzard Jailbreak.xcodeproj.