If you are an iOS 14 device owner, then I am sure you are already aware of the handy accessibility feature named Back Tap that allows the iPhone users with the ability to tap twice or thrice at the back of the handset to invoke an action of their choice. This feature isn’t available on iOS 13 device although the iOS 13-compatible handsets have the same accelerometer-based hardware that is responsible for this feature in the iOS 14 devices.

This might make lots of people feel cheated and that is completely understandable. However, we have good news for you. If you own a jailbroken iPhone, then you can check out a new jailbreak tweak that named Backtrix that was released by the iOS developer FoxfortMobile. This tweak back-ports the Back Tap feature from the iOS 14 devices to the pwned iOS 13 devices and makes it more useful and efficient with a series of actions that offer more accessible features to the users.

Once you install Backtrix, you will get a dedicated preference pane where you can configure the tweak to suit your liking. In the Settings, you can do the following:

  • Turn on or off Backtrix
  • Enable or disable Haptix feedback via Backtrix
  • Enable or disable the proximity sensors to prevent false positives
  • Select between high and normal sensitivity
  • Select the action that gets invoked when you double tap at the back of the device
  • Select the action that gets invoked when you triple tap at the back of the device
  • Block a few apps so that the tweak doesn’t work when these apps are open
  • Respring the device to save the changes made

One thing to remember is that generally, the double tab and the triple tap will invoke the same action but you can choose the actions independently so that you have two different gestures on demand. These actions can include Mute device, do nothing, switch apps, control center, lock screen, home screen, flashlight, dark mode, low power mode, spotlight search, night shift, volume up, volume down, play/pause audio, invoke zoom, invoke voiceover, and a lot more.

As it is pretty evident, Backtrix supports a lot more actions than the native Back Tap feature. So, if you want, you can even use this tweak on the iOS 14 devices to expand the number of gestures that they can perform with the Back Tap feature. You also have configuration options such as sensitivity adjustment, inclusion of proximity sensor to manage battery consumption, etc. that can be used to fulfill the user’s needs.

If you want to try Backtrix, then you can purchase it for $2.25 from the foxfort repository using the favorite package manager. This tweak is currently supported on the iOS 13 and 14 devices.