We love what Apple has recently done with Siri interface in the iOS and iPadOS 14 in comparison with iOS and iPadOS 13 and earlier versions as well. This latest interface is quite small and compact and includes aesthetically pleasing interaction buttons but as usual, there is no room for user-driven customizations in this new interface as well.

If you wish to do more with Siri interface, then you might want to try a new, free jailbreak tweak known as Astolfo that was recently updated with iOS and iPadOS 14 by developer Litten. If you remember, this tweak was originally worked on by Nepeta.

Basically, what Astolfo does is that it allows the jailbreakers to modify the background image on the Siri interface on iOS and iPadOS versions 13 and 14 which allows you to control the aesthetics of your iPhone to suit your liking. And the best thing that you can use any image to get the most out of Astolfo and customize the Siri interface to personalize the interface the way Apple would never allow you to do it natively.

Once you install Astolfo, it adds a dedicated preference pane in the Settings app so that the users can configure the tweak to suit their needs. In the Settings app, you will find the following options:

  • Toggle on or off Astolfo whenever you want
  • Enable or disable the use of a background image
  • Select a background image from the Photo Library
  • Fill the entire screen
  • Manage the X and Y positions of the background image using sliders
  • Control the alpha level of the background image using a slide
  • Respring the device to save the changes

If you are interested in getting Astolfo on your pwned device, then you can download this tweak for free from Litten’s repository using any major package managers. This tweak supports jailbroken installations of both iOS and iPadOS 13 and 14 and you will find the source code of this tweak on the developer’s Github page to learn how it works.

If you aren’t using the repository, then you can easily add it to your package manager using this URL:

What do you think about personalizing Siri’s interface using Astolfo? Do let us know in the comments below!