AppStore: How Apple mistakenly promotes scam apps

A brand new piece of news is flooding the internet at the moment. According to sources, Apple sometimes mistakenly promotes scam apps in its App Store. These scam apps look unlike any other apps and function pretty much the same. But, they are often fueled by dark initiatives that maybe be hunting for new people, every day.

Now there must be many questions arising in your mind, right? How does Apple feature Scam apps in the Appstore? How did this news come out? What are those scam apps? Well, don’t worry we are here to relieve you. In this article, we will try our level best to cover the news of fake apps and also mention few steps to avoid scam apps.

So, follow the article to the end to find out more about the news. Without wasting time, let’s start with today’s topic.

Apple features scam apps in the Appstore

9To5Mac's most recent report shows that 2% of active apps in the App Store are still fraudulent software. Many of these malicious websites are often featured among the most popular. This means that there are many users who have downloaded them and faced severe consequences.

However, Cupertino's CEO, Tim Cook, denied the accusations and stated that the official Apple App Store is a safe and trustworthy marketplace. The billionaire said that he wanted to create a trusted and safe place for users to find apps and a way to provide a secure and supportive environment for developers to develop, test, and distribute apps to iPhone users worldwide.

Cook's statement is, however, incorrect, as a Twitter user revealed that scam apps were still being used by the huge application provider.

Beau Nouvelle, an Australian user who reported that the App Store still promotes slime apps, stated that the majority of this harmful software demands a weekly membership. He went on to say that one of them doesn't even function. As of yet, the iPhone developer has not reacted to the guy's most recent Twitter message.

Why are scam apps appearing in AppStore?

Every year hundreds of new apps are shortlisted by Apple to be added to their AppStore. Among those shortlisted apps only a few make the cut. But, in recent years the number of useless apps has flooded in most app stores, irrespective of the operating system.

Whenever scam apps are created they come with flashy names and features. This fools a lot of people. Thus, many people try to give those apps a try but, end up losing their money or personal data in this process.

Another reason for such surge in scam apps can be, the pricing policy of AppStore. Unlike Google Play, the App store prioritizes paid apps as they provide passive income for Apple. Thus, sometimes scam apps make it into the “top picks” or “most downloaded” list.

How to stay out of these scams?

If you want to stay out of these scams, you need to follow some precautionary methods.

  • Check the reviews of the app because most scam apps have bad reviews.
  • Check the publication date as most of the scam apps have recent release dates.
  • Check if the app has any spelling mistakes, as some scam apps have spelling mistakes.
  • Without checking out the user reviews of any app, don’t make in-app purchases, or don’t take any subscriptions to apps.

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