The iPhone 13 Pro and the iPhone 13 Pro Max are among the top camera phones available, and it's partially due to how powerful they can be when you're looking to see close up.

To underscore that, Apple asked iPhone photographers from all over the globe to submit their most impressive photos in the Shot on iPhone Macro Challenge that ran from January 25 through February 16.

Today, Apple announced the winners of the contest. We also got an early glimpse at the photos that were chosen as winners. Based on a panel of expert judges, the contest has produced 10 winners overall.

We've listed the top macro photos below.

The Art of Nature (Prajwal Chougul, India)

Early morning walks on the iPhone 13 Pro are a favorite of Prajwal Chougul, an engineer in software with an interest in photography. It's the "golden hour" that he believes will bring the best of the natural world.

"Dewdrops on a web caught my attention, and I was amazed by the way that the dried spider silk fashioned an elegant necklace. The dew sparkled like pearls. It felt like a work of art painted on the natural canvas, "said Chougul.

Volcanic Lava (Abhik Mondal, New Jersey)

Volcanic lava is an appropriate name for this photograph since the central disc of the sunflower is reminiscent of flowing molten lava that flows over its yellow flowers.

Abhik Mondal, who is an engineer for computer systems, found himself captivated by the contrast of shades of the sunflower in a store for groceries. So he decided to bring the flower home and "capture its beauty."

Honeycomb (Tom Reeves, New York)

It's a macro image. On a morning walk in the winter, Tom Reeves, who lives on the Upper West Side of New York City and is working towards a graduate program in the field of information sciences, snapped this picture of his puppy.

"I was capable of capturing the fleeting latticework of this tiny snowflake when it was snagged in those threads in her honey-colored curls," Reeves said.

The Drop of Freedom (Daniel Olah, Hungary)

In this image of a blooming lily, photographer Daniel Olah wanted to highlight the tiny drop of water in the flower.

So he employed a spot studio light on the lily and the dark background. I love the form of this flower. "The lower petal keeps an eye on the central portion, which highlights the drop and the stamens, too," added Olah.

Sea Glass (Guido Cassanelli, Argentina)

The most stunning macro images offer a sense of fascination and can make you wonder what the subject actually is. This is the case with this photograph of sea glass captured by Guido Cassanelli, a 32-year-old photographer from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

"I was walking along the beach, enjoying a stunning sunset, and I decided to gather some tiny pieces of sea glass to try macro photography with the iPhone 13 Pro Max," said Cassanelli. He further elaborated

"It seems like something weird is happening in the middle of the piece, and it appears to be amber. I absolutely love the appearance. "

The Cave (Marco Coletta, Italy)

It's not bad for a 22-year-old mechanical engineering student. The way inspired Marco Colletta that the iPhone 13 Pro allows him to transform everyday objects into abstract concepts. This is the case with this hibiscus blossom.

"The form of these petals was highlighted by the shadows that glowed. I was reminded of a cave that was waiting to be explored," Colletta said.


Let us give a big round of applause to the winners of the “Shot on iPhone” challenge.

Photography is a special art and these people have really shown the world how to master this art. Best of luck to them with their future endeavors.