Apple's Open Source Website

Apple has launched a new and improved open-source website.

On the website, there are many open-source projects available. Developers can contribute to those projects.

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The News: Apple Open Source

Apple has launched a completely new/ revamped website to showcase its open-source projects, which hosts Apple's open-source work such as Swift, WebKit, ResearchKit, FoundationDB, and more. The updated website URL is

The website has two main sections, with "Featured Projects" that present a selection of Apple's open-source projects and a separate section dedicated to releases.

The section highlighting projects includes Apple projects that are led by Apple and are developed in conjunction with the open-source community. Community projects that are headed by non-Apple organizations. However, Apple engineers are working on incorporating them into the project.

In the Releases area, you will see Apple making its open-source software available as git repositories on GitHub and making the releases more accessible for software engineers.

In addition, Apple has enhanced its capabilities for searching, including the differences between versions and browsing the code within macOS, iOS, and development tools.

Best Open Source projects by Apple.

Swift Programming Language

In 2014, Apple surprised the globe by announcing its Swift software language. Swift is a contemporary programming language that comes with a lot of options. It has experienced a phenomenal rise in growth in popularity.

It is an out-of-the-box library since it can utilize its own C as well as Objective-C library as well as frameworks. Apple shocked the world once again when it chose to open-source its brand new language. Since then, Swift has gained popularity across Apple as well as Linux platforms.


It was first released in 1998 under the name KHTML which was being part of the KDE Project. WebKit has been around for quite a long time. WebKit serves as the engine for rendering behind Safari desktop as well as mobile, and Google Chrome, desktop and mobile. WebKit provides extensive standards support and can maintain performance, which is essential given the huge amount of media used in modern websites. WebKit is a potent piece of technology that is continuing to offer.

ResearchKit and CareKit

Two frameworks that have nothing to do with good intentions.

The ResearchKit framework, which allows medical professionals to develop tools that accurately monitor and evaluate the severity of illness and disease in a way that is unprecedented when combined with CareKit and CareKit puts the responsibility in the hand's patients themselves. Patients can provide their physicians with daily information regarding the development or relapse of medical conditions. This is beneficial to both patients and those in medical research. The two open-source frameworks could change the way we think about the field of medicine.

Apple is a serious advocate for open source. They are major contributors, and not just to projects they manage.

Other Swift Open-source projects by Apple

The WWDC macOS application

All attendees, including those who attended and those who never had the chance to participate in, were provided access to WWDC for macOS. WWDC on macOS allows you to have access to WWDC live streams, sessions, videos, and streams during the conference as well as as a resource throughout the year.


  • When you click on the Schedule tab, you'll be in a position to view the calendar for the most up-to-date WWDC and then be able to stream live the keynote as well as other sessions during that specific week.
  • You can view their videos and read the transcripts of their sessions. You can easily go to a specific spot in the video that is relevant to you through the use of ASCIIWWDC.

The Xi-editor Mac frontend

The concept behind this XI editor initiative is to use the latest software engineering techniques to create a top-quality text editor.
The objectives are to develop the xi-editor.

  • Beautiful
  • Attractive
  • Reliable
  • User friendly to be of high performance


Brooklyn, It is a screen saver. It was designed by Pedro Carrasco and is in the hands of The animations that were presented at the Apple Special Event (October 30, 2018) were created by the Brooklyn Academy of Music. The Howard Gilman Opera House was the source of inspiration for the development of Brooklyn.


  • It is available in light as well as dark themes.
  • You can repeat the animation for the length you want.
  • You don't require an internet connection to make use of it.


YPImagePicker works similarly to Instagram, but it is only designed for iOS users.


  • Highly customizable
  • Cover selection and trimming of videos.
  • Multiple Selection
  • Albums
  • Filters


The Concept of Open-Source has given the world some of its best modern-marvels.

From CryptoCurrency to Linux, it's all a product of the Open-source. Thus, it is really a grand move on Apple’s side as they are moving forward to a more Open Environment.