Apple's hidden treasure trove!!!

When the iPhone lineup officially moved past iPhone 10(iPhone X) Apple made a bold move and removed power bricks from the box.

According to them, this new packaging initiative would save around 60% more paper and plastic and reduce plastic waste by 40%.

But, things are not always as simple as they might seem.

With the absence of power bricks Apple has now opened up a new forefront where they can sell these chargers separately, and boy oh boy this simple trick has turned out to be a gold mine for the company, say reports.

So, today let us go a little bit off the track and look at how much profit Apple has turned in by removing the power brick.

The News:

In 2020, Apple, in the claim of being more eco-conscious, decided to discontinue the shipping of chargers, earphones, and charging bricks along with their smartphones to reduce the amount of e-waste they produce and reduce carbon emissions.

Then it appears that an article by DailyMail has revealed that this move has been able to help Apple save PS5 billion (which is about $6.5 billion).

Ben Wood, the chief analyst at the technology expert CCS Insight, said in an announcement, "Apple is the phone market leader in protecting the environment, and charging and headphones are among the many initiatives it's doing." Of course, it is cost-saving for Apple the removal of headphones and chargers whenever it is selling iPhones. "

When the move was first introduced, several analysts believed that it was to cover the costly cost of five-G connectivity that Apple brought to the iPhone 12, which was also introduced with the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 series, and probably the next iPhones.

The report further analyzed the fact that Apple is believed to have sold around 190 million iPhones around the world since the elimination of bricks that powered the device.

After analyzing the benefits of the elimination of earphones and chargers from the packaging and the reduction in costs for shipping, Apple could have saved around PS5 billion, and an additional PS225 million was saved from sales of accessories.