Apple's 11 rules to success

Every company whether big or small follows a few rules and ethics that according to them, make them special and distinguish themselves from other companies in the market.

These rules can be as simple as keeping your workspace clean to more classified regulations that no one except the employees knows.

Whatever may be the case, these rules make up the benchmark for a company and its goals.

Speaking on that note. Did you know about Apple's 11 very specific rules for success?

A former Apple employee recently shared them with the world via his posts on social media and my god were we elated to see them.

So, in spirits of productivity and knowledge. Here are Apple’s 11 rules for success.

The News:

Although employers generally prefer to hire employees who have some prior experience, some aren't afraid to hesitate in offering opportunities to newcomers.

They are looking for enthusiasm in the applicants and, once they are accepted, employers help the candidates to develop their talents and make the most of their potential. To provide the best guidance to freshers, the right leadership skills are essential.

Also, John Brandon, who was Apple's head of international sales for 40 years, was extremely adept at this. For example, it was revealed recently that Brandon often gave his sales associates in retail advice using "points to remember."

Although the purpose behind these tips was to get the employees who were new to the company up to speed on what was required of them, the information is equally useful for us all.

On the official account of Twitter, investor-entrepreneur Brent Beshore shared Brandon's business card, which has featured these tips.

The image was shared, and Beshore explained that Brandon's "points to remember" was the advice Brandon gave to each retail salesperson to keep in mind. In addition, Beshore said that the tips suggested are not bad tips for life for the majority of the population.

Some of the tips included "Always tell the truth; we want to hear bad news sooner, not later," "Everyone sweeps the floor," "Be professional in your style, speech, and follow up," "Listen to the customer; they always almost get it," "Create a win-win relationship with your partner," and

"Look out for each other; sharing information is a good thing." The post has been praised by the public, who have also commented on what they enjoyed the most from the advice given.

One user commented that "Sales also teaches life lessons often." Another user emphasized
that learning to be a "good businessperson, not just a good salesperson," is essential for leaders of all kinds.

Apple's 11 rules to success

Let go of the old and always make the most of the future.

Always tell the truth, no matter what. We want to hear the bad/negative news sooner than later.

1. The highest level of integrity is expected. When in doubt, just ask.
2. Learn to be a good business person, not just a good salesperson.
3. Everyone sweeps the floor.
4. Be professional in your speech, style, and follow-up.
5. Listen to the customer. They will almost always get it.
6. Create win-win relationships with your partners.
7. Look out for each other. Sharing information is a good thing.
8. Don't take yourself too seriously.
9. Have fun. Otherwise, it's not worth it.

And that’s it.

Those were all the rules that one of the biggest companies in the world follows.

If you look carefully you will notice that the rules mentioned here are nothing exclusive, they are generally very universal and speak to each individual.

And that’s what we believe makes Apple special.