Apple will now not allow out-of-date apps in iOS, Acc to new report

Apple's website says that Apple is "implementing a continuous process of evaluating apps and eliminating those which no longer work in the way they were intended to, don't conform to current guidelines for review, or are out of date."

So, no more fraudulent apps, no more unused and misrated apps, and no more stealing of user’s data.

But, wait…

There’s more

The News:

Apple has been reported to have sent an email warning to app developers about certain apps that are available in the App Store. According to an article by The Verge, certain app developers have been sent an email by Apple that reads "App Improved Notice."

In the email, Apple cautioned developers that it would remove obsolete applications from its App Store. Developers posted on Twitter and shared the image of the letter.

Apple informed the developer, "You are able to keep this app open for users who are new to the app to explore and download from the App Store by making an update available for review within the next 30 days."

The email also warned the developer that "if there isn't an update within thirty days' time, your application will be taken off the market."

Apple will take the apps off the App Store. However, those who downloaded the apps will be unaffected since they will be on their device.

The report also mentions the following: On its App Improvements page, Apple mentions that "we are implementing an ongoing process to evaluate apps and eliminate those that are no longer functioning as intended, do not conform to the current guidelines for review, or are out of date."

Incredibly, Google also did something similar earlier in the month. Google stated that it is expanding the Play Store's Target Level API requirements. This means that updates and new apps must "target the Android API within one calendar year from the date of the last major Android OS version release" or they won't be released.

In a blog entry on the Developer Community page, Google further explained that "Starting on November 1st, 2022, applications that don't have an API level within the first two years of the last major Android release version won't be available for exploration or installation by new users who have devices that run Android OS versions higher than the API level of the apps targeted."

Google also made it clear that the update is only applicable to new users of apps that have never downloaded the application. Users who have never downloaded the app will not be able to find any old versions of apps if they look them up in Google's Play Store.

A developer also posted screenshots of Pocket God, the game that was in question, and showed that it hadn't been updated in nearly seven years. It's not yet clear if those who developed the game were warned in the same way as Apple or not.

A page called "App Store Updates" on Apple's website says that Apple is "implementing a continuous process of evaluating apps and eliminating those that are no longer functioning in accordance with their intended purpose, don't comply with current guidelines for review, or are out of date."

The page further states that it will notify developers that they'll be required to submit updates within 30 days of the date to keep their apps in the store. It isn't certain when the last time this page was updated and whether this is an announcement that is new.


Apple has always tried its level best to include more and more modifications in iOS. So it can become the most secured mobile OS out there.

And, banning fraudulent and scamming apps is a prime example of that.

So, if you are a small-scale developer whose older app has not seen much traffic over a few months then maybe it's time for you to shock start your operations, otherwise, Apple will take down your app.