Apple: Why still with Lightning Cable???

Right now the whole Apple ecosystem is moving onto a new phase.

From plain portless MacBooks to ports, from notch to punch hole, from Full-HD to Micro LED, and from Intel processors to apple M1s. Apple is ready to take the next step.

But, no matter how much the company is progressing there are some traits about a few products that raise a lot of questions. The lightning port on iPhones/ iPads is one such question.

It has been talked and re-talked about from time to time but nothing has changed no matter how much users protest against it.

But, why so?

Why is Apple so adamantly sticking to Lightning Changers in the world of warp chargers and Type-C?

Let’s find out…

Before we begin

Today’s article is going to be extremely to the point. So do not be surprised to see any heading like “Story of Lighting Port” or “Why Lighting Port came into existence”.

It's a story all of us know, it's a story all of us have heard a million times. Thus, it's no use of throwing rocks in the open air.

So, let’s jump into the main topic of discussion straight away.

Why Still Lightning?

1. It's sturdier

The Lightning port has one and only one significant advantage over the Type-C.

That’s its sturdiness.

The Lightning cable is comparatively thicker and can withstand heavy wear and tear. You will need to really do some work to break a Lighting pin. But, the same cannot be said for Type-C.

You see the outer walls of the Type-C are very thin. They have to be thin to minimize electric flux and also to conduct the voltage better. This small detail makes it fragile.

Though it will not break with light force. But, if the pin of Type-C ever gets tampered with you can positively wish your Cable goodbye.

2. The Association of Apple with Lightning

What happens when you are one among millions of sellers who sell smartphones?

You either make expensive products cheaper or make something unique to keep people at your door.

That’s what Apple has been doing with the Lightning Cable since day one.

The whole world may have simply hopped onto the Type-C train but, Apple still keeps the Lightning to remind people that yes we are different we provide something unique. Buy our product and be a part of something special.

And it is due to this habit of apple that they have brought in various versions of MagSafe but still could simply switch to type-C.

And, who could blame them? They do what they have to do to stay relevant and attract attention.

3. MagSafe

The whole world might be aiming for type-C now but if your think carefully even Type-C is old now.

It's the era of warp chargers and wireless charging. That’s why Apple would rather gamble their fortunes on MagSafe rather than on Type-C.

Nobody knows what the future will hold. Tomorrow a new charger pin might be introduced that will make Type-C obsolete. But, MagSafe is the undisputed future of Apple devices.

What will the future hold?

We could be very pessimistic and say, Apple will stay with Lightning.

Or, we could be optimistic and say, screw Type-C Apple will bring something new.

But, we would like to be on the safe side this time.

Apple will most probably bring in Type-C. But, we firmly believe their main motive will be to improve their MagSafe. If they can successfully improve MagSafe then that could be their ticket to a bigger jackpot, that will reap their good fortunes for the next whole decade.