Why Apple Weather isn't Showing 69 Degrees

There are few apps on mobile which we hardly notice, say for example the Weather App. How many of you keep track of day-to-day weather, how many degrees it’s outside, or the moisture rate in the air? The answer is simple, about 98% of iPhone users actually don’t take into notice the small details of such apps. But, today we have brought a piece of news about the Weather app of Apple that’s going to bedazzle you for sure.As per the reviews of numerous tech reviewers on Youtube and Twitter, the Apple Weather application is not showing 69 degrees to anyone, anywhere. People are astonished by this and some weird conspiracy theories have sprung up around it. So, is it just a glitch, a major bug that needs to be fixed, or a real conspiracy?

Let us discuss, Shall we!

The 69-degree conspiracy!

It all started on July 13th of 2021 when a certain iPhone user named Chaim Gartenberg noticed an unexpected glitch in his Apple Weather App. He was looking up the temperature of Boston when he noticed the Weather widget was going straight to 70 degrees after 68 degrees. Awed by this event he checked the same phenomena with his other devices and friends and it was finally concluded that Apple weather was refusing to show 69 degrees.

You couldn’t see 69 degrees in the current temperature! It was nowhere - neither in the forecast nor in the highs and the lows. With meticulous research, Gartenberg finally tweeted that this phenomenon was not caused by any data sourcing error, but Apple itself was at fault for this weird glitch.

Swiftly Apple users all around the globe started to check this and to everyone’s astonishment, all iPhones which ran iOS 14 or earlier showed this glitch. Soon another user named Neil Schloth tweeted, “Apple Weather app in iOS also doesn’t show temperatures like 65-degree and 67-degree”.

But the users who had installed iOS 15 Beta said, “their devices were showing 69 degrees”. People now started mocking Apple for putting up such weird tweaks in their system to avoid any memes or mockery. Eventually, various conspiracy theories came up surrounding the number 69 and it was complete mayhem for 24 hours.

The Explanation!

Eventually, it all comes down to minute details. As per reports, the Weather app in iPhones sources their data from weather.com/ which is a third-party service that in turn sources their data from the worldwide weather broadcasters.

As of 2021, the whole world uses the Celcius scale as the standard to measure atmospheric temperature but the Fahrenheit scale is still used largely in the US.

When the weather app receives updates it receives them in the form of degree-Celcius integers which then need to be calculated into degree-Fahrenheit and only then can they be sent to display in the app. During this whole process, the weather app’s calculation algorithm rounds off any value of 0.5 or higher thus, you are unable to see any odd temperatures that are above 60 degrees.

Why is the same glitch not happening in iOS 15 Beta?

The explanation is simple. Because iOS 15 is still a working progress and maybe Apple has fixed their calculation algorithm by using a decimal system rather than an integer system of conversion to show an even accurate reading of atmospheric temperature.

End of the day, this was a hilarious event that surely will make us laugh when we will think about it 5-6 years later. And most importantly, thanks to Chaim Gartenberg for familiarising the world with this glitch via his tweets and articles.

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