Apple Watch Series 7 vs Apple Watch SE

Right now there are too many options when you are looking for a good smartwatch. Sony, Samsung have their own special smartwatches that have impeccable design and great software. Whereas numerous smaller companies too provide great devices at comparatively lesser prices.

But, today we want to talk about the two best options from Apple. The Apple Watch Series 7 and Apple Watch SE. We will get into details about both the details, understand their specs and limitations and finally try to set a winner as per price and overalls.

So, put your learning caps on, and let us begin…

Design and Display

The majority of the changes that are coming to Apple Watch 7 focus on its design, which puts it in a better position than last year's SE in regards to displaying size and longevity.

Although the two watches appear identical with their sharp edges and soft corners. The bezels on the Apple Watch 7 are a bit different. The bezels on the Apple Watch 7 are thinner by just 1.7mm. This is what makes this Apple Watch 7's display the largest Apple Watch screen yet at 41mm and 45mm. The screen is 20% larger than the screen on the Apple Watch SE.

The Apple Watch 7 also features an always-on Retina display. It was also present in the Apple Watch 6, but not in the less expensive Apple Watch SE.

The Apple Watch 7 has a new crack-resistant crystal covering, is dustproof up to IP6X, and water-resistant up to WR50, clearly making it the most resilient Apple Watch ever. The Apple Watch SE, like the Apple Watch 7, is also water-resistant to 50 meters. Still, it lacks dust protection and a crystal covering.

The Apple Watch SE comes in Silver, Gold, and Space Grey. In contrast, the Apple Watch 7 comes in a variety of colors, including Green, Blue, Product Red, Starlight, and Midnight.


A key distinction is that the Apple Watch SE runs on the S5 chip that was introduced in the year 2019's Apple Watch 5, while the Apple Watch 7 is powered by the newer S6 chip, which was launched with Series 6 in 2020.

The larger screen also provides room for a complete QWERTY keyboard. Apple hasn't introduced any new fitness or health sensors for tracking alongside the Apple Watch 7. So it's likely that the Apple Watch 7 is expected to be similar to the Apple Watch SE when it regards fitness and health tracking.

The watches will have ECG as well as sleep and blood oxygen monitoring and the brand new WatchOS 8 features, including new editing tools for messages and portrait mode photos on your watch's face, as well as access to the brand new Mindfulness app.

Battery life

The Apple Watch 7 and the Apple Watch SE feature the same battery life of 18 hours, so you won't get additional hours from the latest model.

However, the Apple Watch 7 does take advantage of speedy charging. Apple claims that the watch can be charged 33% more quickly than prior Apple watches. As a result, the watch can provide around 8 hours of sleep monitoring from an eight-minute charge.

Operating System

Both watches run watchOS 8, which takes all the features that the watch is well-known for. Including simple notifications that are mirrored to your iPhone and apps that you can utilize independently and also adds some innovative features.

They include improved cycling tracking, more effective sleep monitoring, as well as other health-related features that are essential.

Both SE and 7 feature fall detection, which means they'll automatically notify emergency services in case you suffer an unintentional fall and fail to respond to a message asking if you're alright. Both make use of Apple's extensive fitness and health tracking apps that include the Fitness+ subscription service.

The larger screen of the 7 offers it some distinctive features, such as an entire QWERTY keyboard that is being provided by Apple on the Watch for the first time. Also, it has slightly larger buttons on the interface of watchOS.


Apple Watch SE is priced starting at $279/PS269/AU$429; the brand new Apple Watch Series 7 costs $399PS369/AU$599. The Apple Watch Series 7 is the same price as its predecessor.

For both, it's to be expected for the smaller as well as an aluminum body. Apple hasn't confirmed the price of the various models, but in both cases, increasing screen size results in a tiny price increase, and moving towards titanium or stainless steel cases will result in a steeper price increase.

The strap you select will affect the cost. For example, the Watch SE tends to come with more budget-friendly straps, whereas the Watch 7 will offer cheap or high-end choices.

Which is the best between the Apple Watch SE and the Apple Watch 7?

The savings from the Apple Watch SE will be crucial for many buyers, considering that the appearance and feel of both the SE and the Series 7 are so similar. Yes, the latest watch features a larger screen, with a brighter and more vibrant display that remains in operation all day long. However, unless these features, if the additional health sensors are important to you, the Watch SE is an excellent value.

The Watch Series 7 is likely to be the most desirable Apple Watch overall since it comes with all the additional features. It's a powerful fitness tool as well as a wonderful accessory for digital devices, as well as a stunning piece of art.

However, this Watch SE should be an option. It's not the most expensive, but it provides nearly all the features. So for the majority of users, this is the best choice.


And that's it. We have a winner.

The Apple Watch SE in terms of price and, Apple Watch Series 7 in terms of design and apps.

Hope you liked the article. We will be back with more great content tomorrow. Until then, Stay tuned and have a great day!