Apple Watch: Resetting your Apple Watch's password

If you're setting up a passcode on the Apple Watch, you'll ideally select the one you can quickly remember.

But accidents can occur to the best of us. Perhaps you had to change your regular password for security reasons, but you forgot to change it.

Maybe you're trying to boot it up for the first time in a long time and don't recall how to set it up at first.

The only way out of this problem is to rest the password of your Apple Watch, and this is how you can do so…

Reset the Apple Watch

If you're in this scenario, you're likely going to be required to be able to reset the Apple Watch. This means that you'll lose all the data on your watch.

The good thing is that Apple will automatically create backups as you're going through this procedure, so you're not losing any information.

Reset Your Apple Watch Directly from the Watch:

  • Wait while you connect your Apple Watch to its charger.
  • Press your side button until you see the power off.
  • Make sure to hold the digital crown until you see the "erase all content and settings" button.
  • Click Reset to confirm.
  • After the process is completed, After that, you can re-pair your Apple Watch.
  • During setup, choose the option to restore the backup.

If you'd prefer to perform this via your iPhone, that's possible. To reset your Apple Watch via your iPhone:

  • Start Watch on your iPhone.Watch the app on your iPhone.
  • Go to My Watch under the My Watch tab and then select General.
  • Click Reset
  • Select "Erase Apple Watch Content and Settings"
  • confirm
  • Please enter your Apple ID password.
  • For those who use cell phones, consider whether you'd like to keep or cancel your plan.
  • After the process is completed, After that, you can re-pair your Apple Watch.
  • During setup, click the option to "Restore backup."

Edit the passcode settings

It's not necessary to wait for an emergency to review your passcode settings. Maybe you'd like to turn off passcodes. (Just an alert, but it will turn off certain functions like Apple Pay.) Perhaps you'd like to change your password.

After needing to reset the settings on your Apple Watch once, perhaps you'd like to not have to do it again. No matter the reason, here's how you can tweak to change your security settings.

Change your passcodes

  • Locate the Settings app.
  • Select Passcode
  • Click on "Change Passcode"
  • Input your current passcode.
  • Input your new passcode.
  • RE-enter the new passcode to confirm.

On the iPhone:

  • Navigate to the Watch app.
  • Go to the My Watch tab.
  • Go to the password
  • Select Change Passcode.
  • Input your new password on your Apple Watch.
  • Enter your new password again to confirm.
  • Turn off your passcodes

On your wrists:

  • Follow the first two steps above.
  • Select Turn Passcode Off.
  • A message will be displayed informing you that your Apple Pay cards will be removed from your watch.
  • Click on "Turn Off"
  • On the iPhone:
  • Go to the Watch app.
  • Navigate to the My Watch tab.
  • Scroll down until the passcode
  • The steps that follow are the same as the ones above.

Other settings

Although these are the standard passcode settings, there are others that you can switch between off and on. These settings can be found within the identical Passcode menu, which is accessible on either your wrist or in the iPhone's Watch application by following the steps above.

Combining these settings is a great option to tailor your experience, particularly when you're not a good planner or worry about someone gaining access to your personal information when you lose or break your Apple Watch.

For instance, the Unlock using the iPhone setting is a great option if you have trouble entering numbers on a tiny display. If enabled and worn with an Apple Watch, this will automatically unlock your watch each time you unlock your iPhone.

Maybe you'd prefer not to input seven digits when using the Apple Watch. Enabling a simple passcode will allow you to make use of a four-digit passcode instead. Be aware that the longer the passcode is, the more secure it will be.

But, this can be an excellent option to make the process easier--particularly when combined in conjunction with the following settings to increase security.

When you're using passcodes, think about enabling the wrist detection setting. It will be able to tell that you don't have your wristband attached to your watch and therefore require a passcode for unlocking.

This is a smart solution to keep your data secure if it happens that your gadget is stolen. You can also choose to turn on the erase data setting. It will erase all information following 10 unsuccessful passcode attempts.


And that’s how you can reset your Apple Watch’s password.

Hope you liked the article. We will be back soon with other fun hacks and tutorials, until then. Stay Tuned, Good Day!