Apple Watch: How to Authorize Apple TV Purchases

As useful and impressive as the various Apple gadgets are, Apple tends to push new features that we never knew we required.

The most recent update is available for our Apple Watch and Apple TV, which allows us to allow purchases to be made using your Watch.

Before, you needed to pull out an iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV Remote in order to be able to sign off on the purchase. But, this is no longer the situation.

With the auto-purchase mode turned on your device will receive automatic upgrades from time to time. This will save you time and money.

Here’s how you can do so…

The News:

The combination of watchOS 8.5 and TVOS 15.4 gives the Apple Watch a useful functional boost. Learn how to allow Apple TV purchases on the Apple Watch.

WatchOS 8.5 isn't as loaded with the same improvements as iOS 15.4, but new features include a new Siri voice, a new emoji, and the capability to reconnect your wearable's connectivity wirelessly using an iPhone.

Apple has also added an upgrade that is useful to set-top box users, with a seamless double-click as the default for allowing Apple TV purchases on the Apple Watch (previously, it was still available on the iPhone and iPad as well).

It is the Apple Watch or iPhone authorization that can be used to purchase one-time subscriptions in the Movies app/iTunes Store, Apple TV+ app, and for third-party applications on tvOS.

How can you allow Apple TV purchases on the Apple Watch?

  • Check that your Apple TV is updated to the latest version of tvOS 15.4 and the Apple Watch to watchOS 8.5.
  • Double-check that passwords are required to make purchases through Apple TV: Settings > Users and Accounts > Select your account, followed by "Password" Purchases > Whenever possible, or after 15 minutes.

  • When you click the buy button to buy content on Apple TV, the default now is to allow it by double-clicking on the button that is on the side of your Apple Watch (iPhone or iPad too).
  • There's no need to click on the "Confirm with Apple Device" icon on the Apple TV. The prompt on your local Apple device will be displayed immediately after you click "Buy."
  • When you're not wearing your watch and do not have your iPhone or iPad close by, you can use the swipe down on the Apple TV to choose "Confirm by Password" to enter the password manually.

Still, you haven't updated to watchOS 8.5 and TVOS 15.4. Here's how:

How do you download WatchOS 8.5?

You have to download iOS 15.4 on your smartphone before you update to iOS 15.4 on your Apple Watch. It is possible to download iOS 15.4 through the Settings menu > General > Software Update, then download and install.

Once the download is completed, the program will reboot your phone. After that, you can access your Watch App via General > Software Update. Apple Watch updates are typically scheduled for late in the evening when people typically remove them for charging.

How to download tvOS 15.4?

Apple launched TVOS 15.4, the fourth major update for the operating system, in September 2021. The release of tvOS 15.4 comes less than two months after the launch of tvOS 15.3

TVOS 15.4 is available for download over the air to your Apple TV through the Settings app. You can access it by clicking System > Software Update. Apple TV owners who have automatic software updates on their devices will be upgraded automatically to TVOS 15.4 in a timely manner.

The updates for Apple's TVOS are usually more modest in size and focus on bugs that are under the hood fixed, performance improvements, and small tweaks, instead of major changes that impact the outside. However, there are some modifications in TVOS 15.4.


And that’s how you can authorize Apple TV purchases to Apple Watch.

Hope you liked the article. We will be back soon with other fun hacks and tutorials, until then. Stay Tuned, Good Day!