Apple TV+ orders Jack McBrayer kids' series

Apple TV is known for its powerful technology that enhances user watching experience to great levels. Apple TVs are good investments when it comes to defining your viewing. However, the new update with Apple TV is something that's floating in the air, and you would want to know about it.

Apple TV+ has ordered a new kid's series named "Hello, Jack! The kindness shows". It is co-created and hosted by Jack Mc Brayer. The show is said to bring about pre-schoolers into a world where small acts of kindness can seemingly change society and eventually the world. If you are here to know more about that act uplifted by Apple TV, then read on for more in this article.

What is this new show about on apple TV+?

A program created by McBrayer, it aims that highlighting and signifying little acts of goodness and kindness that have brought some change in society. Such incidents will inspire many kids to do more in life and learn the act of kindness. With an aim to impact the psychologies of children in a positive way, Apple TV+ has ordered it on it.

It shall teach kids about the three important C's in life, caring, connecting, and cascading from one person to another. Jack McBrayer co-created this series with Angela C. Santomero. This show shall feature original music from the band names OK Go. Mc Brayer is best known for his role as Kenneth Parcell in the NBC sitcom '30 Rock', which earned him an Emmy nomination in the year 2009.

Santomero also has a commendable history in children's television, having co-created 'blue clues', one of the many shows and series amongst all. The show shall be available to all those who have access to Apple TV+ and can view it without hassle. A nine-story media group has produced the show, and it has been animated by Oscar-nominated studio brown bag films.

Is the show going to be good for my kids?

Well, many parents who have previously not viewed the series might be skeptical about it. However, the show is a non-action and positively impacting series that will help in kids' mental and emotional growth. The executive producers of this show are Tony Hernandez, John Skidmore, Wendy Harries, and Vince Commisso.

Guy Toubes will also serve as showrunner, and early childhood education expert Junlei Li will appear as the series' expert. A must-watch show with complete family and debuting on Apple TV, and kids should be involved and made to watch this educational and amazing series.


Apple TV+ is here to impact society yet again with its product value and customer-centric aim. This time targeting kids, the product has ordered to buy Jack McBrayer's kids' series, also known as "Hello, Jack! The Kindness Show". It's an amazing attempt to positively impact the psychologies of kids addicted to television and shall impart good education.