Apple TV+ Orders Dystopian Series, 'Wool' starring Rebecca Ferguson

Entertainment content in the media has been flourishing for a while now. Everyone is loving genres of content and wants to watch more of them. While there are many OTT platforms where such series and a wide variety of content are already available for them, other companies are venturing into this field to enhance their user's experience.

An example of this is the latest update made by Apple corp. Apple TV+ Orders Dystopian Series, 'Wool' starring Rebecca Ferguson. Apple has finally decided to game up and bring their loyal users a great viewing experience by ordering a web series set that can be watched on Apple TV+. If you here want to explore and know more about this, then standby. Get all the details and updates made right here.

What is new for Apple users this season?

While all of us are gearing up to prepare few more months of lockdown and quarantines, it's essential to keep up with the quota of everything. In that entertainment is one factor you should not miss upon. Apple users, however, are going to have a fruitful time, as Apple has already ordered and signed in for a Dystopian series, 'Wool'.

It is an upcoming series that is based on Hugh Howey's book having the same name. The 10-episode series shall star some of our favorites. It has a cast including Rebecca Ferguson, known for starring and working in the movie' mission impossible', 'the girl on the train', 'men in black, and more. Wool is set in the remote future where the planet has grown toxic and unable to habitation and sustaining of any life.

The series has shown how people live in giant silos underground, are subject to restrictive rules and regulations that they feel have been made to be kept safe. Fergusson shall play a Juliette, a mechanic who works in the lower depths of the silo. She has been promoted to a sheriff after the former sheriff was removed from his post and the silo. In the new role, she feels and finds some hints of a dark, sinister conspiracy.

When will it be available on Apple TV+?

While there has been no confirmed news on when it shall be available, viewers patiently wait for the news to be solid with a release date. The show has been produced by AMC Studios, with Graham's host serving as showrunner. Wool will be an exciting series for everyone to watch, and soon, viewers of Apple TV+ shall be notified of the same.

Apple Tv+ has shown similar efforts in garnering a few more series in line and putting them up on apple tv+ for everyone. Apple TV+ subscribers can now watch these shows hassle-free and enjoy an exclusive range of all kinds of series, including some for kids, family, and drama. Wool is a drama series ordered by Apple TV+ which shall be premiering soon across for subscribers.


Apple TV+ has ordered a Dystopian series, 'Wool'. There have been no premiering dates fixed yet, although the news is confirmed. Viewers of Apple TV+ shall soon get to know about the updates of more.