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When you watch one tv series or movie on apple TV+, you become so addicted to it that whenever any new thing comes up you ought to watch it first.

One such movie that stole the heart of all the individuals is going to be discussed in this article.

The movie we are going to talk about is not an ordinary movie. It has a unique concept, an extremely addictive storyline and it became so successful that it made a mark on the history of Apple by bringing to them their first-ever Academy Awards.

Let’s talk about… “CODA”...

What is CODA about

CODA was launched in 2021, coming from the age comedy-drama genre in the movie industry. CODA made its international appearance on January 28, 2021, at the Sundance Film Festival, wherein Apple paid a festival-record $25 million for streaming rights.

Ruby Rossi is the protagonist of the family and she is the sole member of her family who can hear. The rest of her family: her parents, Frank and Jackie, and elder brother, Leo, suffer from hearing disability. She helps out at the family fishing company and wants to work there full-time after graduation.

Ruby is a social pariah at school because of her family. Ruby joins the choir on the spur of the moment after seeing her crush, Miles, do so. On the first day of the choir, the instructor, Bernardo "Mr. V" Villalobos, recommends the pupils sing "Happy Birthday to You" to learn their vocal parts. Ruby panics and flees when she is forced to sing in front of the class. She subsequently comes to Mr. V and tells him that she was bullied because she spoke up.

Mr. V arranges a duet between Ruby and Miles for the next choir presentation. Mr. V demands that they must practice together after their first rehearsal goes poorly since they each prepare independently. Miles is asked to rehearse at Ruby's, but unfortunately, they both get disturbed by the intimate movement of Frank and Jackie

Ruby subsequently overhears students making fun of the situation in the cafeteria. Miles apologizes and claims that he just informed his friend Jay, who then spread the tale, but she refuses to speak to him. She repents him ultimately, and they restart their profession whilst developing a relationship.

Which award did CODA win?

CODA not only won hearts but also won one of the most prestigious awards three times. V+ It has won three Oscars at the 94th Academy Awards ceremony held in Los Angeles. This will be the first movie to receive the Academy Award for Best Picture after being released by a streaming service, it is also the first Sundance film, along with being the first film with mainly deaf performers in prominent parts.

CODA has tugged at everyone's emotions like no other film in recent memory. It's a huge move for the Academy to promote diversity and inclusion so wholeheartedly on the industry's major, glitziest night. Individuals who are deaf enjoyed watching this movie.

They never imagined that one day, the people who create these films and television shows would congratulate others like them for appearing in a movie about deaf people. Appearing on-screen and among Academy voters, the impact of this scene cannot be emphasized.

CODA can only be viewed online with Apple TV+ and needs a subscription. This entertainment behemoth costs $5 a month, with a seven-day trial version available to new members.

Apple TV Plus subscriber base may rise slightly as a result of the Oscars awards, but a more important halo effect for Apple is the increased influence it can wield in bidding for agreements with artists and creative partners.

Wrapping Up

CODA is now available on Apple Tv and Apple Tv +. So, if you have not watched this masterpiece yet, we advise you to get an Apple Tv/ TV+ subscription. So you can enjoy millions of binge-worthy content at your fingertips.

Happy streaming everyone…