Apple to team up with AI-fitness gym

Apparently, Apple has teamed up with AI-Fitness gym Tempo to provide a better and more interactive Workout Mode for its new Apple Watch Series 7.

The news

"Tempo," the AI-powered fitness gym, revealed Apple Watch connectivity, allowing Tempo subscribers to integrate their workouts and health and fitness data directly to the Apple Watch.

Within its users' demographics, Tempo says that more than 70% of them are iPhone customers, and a lesser 35% own one of the Apple Watch. Tempo has been working on Apple Watch connectivity for a long time. With it getting its first glimpse, Tempo customers now have access to a variety of settings, features, and even data on their wrists. For example, during workouts, users can suspend and resume activities without having to touch their Tempo display, thus reducing the chance of distractions and unnecessary time.

Most importantly, Apple Watch integration means that Tempo customers won't require external or third-party fitness equipment for their exercise routines. With the built-in sensors of the Apple Watch, Tempo customers have access to the heart rate of their workout, calories burned, and other data associated with their Tempo exercise routines.

For those who aren't familiar with Tempo, the company describes its own as "the only home gym with interactive coaching," which makes use of 3D sensors equipped with the latest AI technology to assist customers in improving their fitness and form while training. Tempo provides not only instant feedback but also coaching as well as "premium" dumbbells worth upwards of $1000.

How will this collaboration affect the price and overall user experience?

In terms of Price, the new Apple Watch Series 7 is going to be pricier than its predecessor. ( so...nothing new)But, the biggest difference will be noticed in the UI.

The new Apple Watch is also going to harbor WatchOS 8 which will be better, faster, and more user-centric. With the power of Tempo, the new WatchOS 8 will provide better live sessions for Workout modes.

So, if you look for a user’s perspective. The new WatchOS 8 will be better in terms of looks, ergonomics, and usability too. And this will no doubt appeal to a lot of people who want to buy an Apple Watch.