Apple Store: Best valentine’s day gift ideas under $ 50.

February, the shortest and the most romantic month of the calendar year is just a hop, skip, and a jump away.

It’s a time when we all want to be with our loved ones, share our time with them, and show their importance in our life with small actions.

Although, a fancy dinner or a long drive is generally considered the best way to show your love on Valentine’s Day. But, what if you don’t have the time or the budget?

Well, that's why Apple has released their exclusive Valentine's Day Gift Cards.

Today, we have brought to you a list of top 5 gifts that you can get for your significant other within $50. So, you can enjoy a romantic and, pocket-friendly Valentine's Day.

1. FinalStraw

In our roundup of the best reusable straws, FinalStraw's silicone-and-stainless-steel straws came in first.

"They thought of everything," said the creator of the content, Deborah Shephard. "It can fit on my car keys (inside its case), it's easy to clean (with boiling water or some good soap), and most importantly, the silicone is very comfortable to drink from." The straw is foldable and comes with a travel bag, making it easy to transport.

2. Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils, 48-Pack

Prismacolor colored pencils are soft and waxy and make drawing feel more like it did when I was a kid, but with a little more control, explains Strategist author (and Illustrator resident) Liza Corsillo, who included a set of these brands within the beginner's guidebook to drawing.

So, if your significant other loves art then this is undoubtedly the best gift you can get her.

3. Tribit StormBox Micro Bluetooth Speaker

As per Strategist author Dominique Pariso, this palm-sized speaker will let their carefully designed songs sound great wherever they are, whether indoors or outdoors.

She states that this "small but mighty speaker is powerful enough that I can break it out during backyard gatherings" and even comes with an easy silicon strap, which is simple to connect to bicycle handlebars.

4. 3-Pack Bitters Triple Play Variety Bitters

The three bottles of essential bitters, which include the most-loved and strategic choice, "orange bitters," can be used to create anything, starting from Sazeracs to old-fashioned gin.

Bormioli Rocco Novecento Stemware Martini Glasses, Set of 4

Give them a set of glasses for their favorite drink, such as these beautiful martini coupes by Strategist's most-loved label, Bormioli Rocco.

5. A 'The Garden of Earthly Delights' 1,000-Piece Puzzle

Stylist Sissy Chacon indulges in her "puzzle fever" by completing the Hieronymus Bosch puzzle. Strategist author Erin Schwartz also recommends it, along with Boschbot.

Boschbot's Twitter page tweets segments of the artist's work every couple of hours. "To be up close and personal with each piece gave me a new interpretation of it as being quite joyous and innocent," Chacon declares.


Nothing can beat the time you spend with your loved ones. Nor money nor any lavish gift every bought a second of time.

But, this year you can make the difference and create something special with a Valentine’s Day Gift Card.

Go check Apple Store for more information.

And as always, have a Good Day!