Apple Self-Repair program- Boon or Bane?

Just a few weeks ago Apple shocked a lot of people when they revealed their new self-repair initiative to the public. Due to this new initiative, numerous small-scale mobile repairers can buy genuine Apple products from the producers themselves.

Apple is also set to launch a free self-repair session for its global audience so, that they can know the basics about self-repairing of iPhones.

So, this seems a great deal, Right? Well not exactly.

Just like there are two faces to a coin this initiative by Apple has certain pros and cons and today we will take a look at each of them and determine how this new initiative is going to affect the stock of Apple among its global audience.

The Self-Service Program of Apple

Apple has recently stunned its Right to Repair supporters by announcing the launch of a new self-service repair program. This will allow customers of Apple's products to buy official tools, components, and instructions required to repair damaged Apple products by themselves.

Initially, Apple will be selling parts and tools to repair iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series smartphones, as well as standard components like cameras and batteries, via the online shop.

The company will be offering similar repair services to users looking to fix devices running M1 on Mac PCs. And when consumers are finished with the repairs, they can return their used, old parts to Apple to be reused for future devices.

As of now, no certified sources are being about to acknowledge us about the probable prices of this initiative but, one thing is fr certain. This is going to be a 2-way channel.

The First way will be selling services and tutorials to users who want to know the basics about iPhone repairing. This will supposedly come with a monthly/ annual subscription.

The Second way is by selling authorized Apple parts to small-scale mobile repairers where Apple will most probably charge each part you buy.

Why the repair program is a boon?

For decades the only probable solution Apple users had to repair their iPhones was via a certified Apple Store.

The Apple Stores in turn used to charge a hefty fee for even the smallest of repairs thus, driving up the popularity of freelance repairers. But, even that has a catch.

Freelance repairs did not have any source to get legit Apple parts to fix devices thus, they had to look for other alternatives from different producers who can imitate the parts of Apple. This method was successful at first but slowly a low of low-tier producers have come into the market who have started selling cheaper products thus, driving down the quality of those substitute parts.

Thus, this simple step taken by Apple will give Freelance repairers a lot of coverage as they can now repair broken devices will legit parts from Apple themselves.

This is turn will boost the brand name of Apple for being a transparent, user-focused company.

Biggest Problems of the Self-Repair Initiative

For starters, the prices of the parts are not going to be cheap.

It’s a known fact that Apple does not produce most of its parts. Thus, if this initiative goes through most of the parts they would be selling will cost a fortune. Plus, a lot of producers who directly produce genuine parts for Apple will now be forbidden to sell their parts independently thus, creating a complete monopoly over the market.

Also, this initiative by Apple sounds too good to be true based on the present global conditions of supply constraints. Right now the production and availability of smaller electronic parts and alloys are limited thus, the parts will be very scarce.

Can this initiative be a success?

Well, it all depends upon the users.

Apple devices have always been well-respected by its global audience thus if the users think this self-repair program is a good investment of time and money then without any doubt, the Self-Repair program will be a defining moment in Apple’s history.

Also, with time the supply constraints of precious metals and alloys will get streamlined so, there is a great chance for this program to work out.

Final Words

The Self-repair program has the potential to be an astounding success but, it all depends on how Apple plays its cards right now.

If they can be smart and keep the starting prices low then no doubt this initiative will open new doors for Apple.