Apple Seeking a Business Development Manager With Experience in Cryptocurrency

According to a very recent job posting, Apple is looking for a Business Development Manager with experience in alternative payments, such as cryptocurrencies.

Apple is seeking a Business Development Manager in alternative payments, according to a job advertisement found by CoinDesk.

"Apple's Wallets, Payments, and Commerce (WPC) division is looking for a Business Development Manager with experience leading Alternative Payments Partnerships. We're searching for a seasoned expert in alternative and emerging payment methods from throughout the world."

"We require your assistance in developing a partnership framework and business models, defining implementation paradigms, identifying key participants, and maintaining connections with strategic alternative payment partners. This job will be in charge of business development from start to finish, including partner screening, negotiating and concluding commercial agreements, and launching new programs."

The very high position entails working with "alternative payment partners" to develop new payment solutions, including everything from the App Shop and in-app sales to retail store purchases and Apple Pay. Working with senior-level partners inside the company, providing guidance on "industry insights and market possibilities to Apple," and influencing "business strategies and product roadmaps" are also part of the job description.

According to Apple, at least five years of experience working with alternative payment providers, such as digital wallets, BNPL, Fast Payments, bitcoin, etc is one of the major requirements for the position.

While prior experience with cryptocurrency is not required if the applicant has worked with other payment systems such as "Buy Now, Pay Later," Apple's interest in decentralized digital currencies could indicate that it considers it a viable alternative payment method. It might also be a hint that Apple aims to acquire individuals with experience in new industries to ensure that it will be able to fight with competitors if necessary.

Jennifer Bailey, vice president of Apple Pay, stated in 2019 that Apple is keeping an eye on cryptocurrency. He said, "We believe it's interesting. It has a lot of long-term promise, in our opinion."

Apple fiercely guards its payment control, particularly in the App Store, which was the focus of Apple's long legal battle with Epic Games, not to mention its foray into digital payments with Apple Pay and credit with Apple Card, so it's no surprise that the company is experimenting with new technologies to protect and grow its payments IP.

Apple has had an unbreakable hold over payment methods for a long time, particularly in its App Store, which has never accepted customers' crypto and mandates all catalog apps to use Apple's commerce rails and follow Apple's standards.

Epic Games, the creator of Fortnite, has begun a high-profile legal battle to protect that tightly-controlled ecosystem. Apple's policies, according to Epic, violate antitrust laws and impede payment innovation. Epic said in the lawsuit that if Apple's limits were lifted, app developers would be able to accept "bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies."