Apple Reacts Against new iPhone 13 Leaks

The leaking of data about any upcoming and anticipated devices is not something new. It has happened over and over the years with numerous devices. For example:

  • The leak of the iPhone 4 back in 2010, everybody knew about its physical features, tech attributes, etc way before it was released.
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 leak that happened two weeks before its release on Feb 21, or
  • The leak of Blackberry Priv back in 2015 when Blackberry was trying its level best to come back in the smartphone market via Android smartphones.

All of these leaks broke the internet like wildfire and people already knew about them way before they were supposed to. Thus, the sales of some smartphones like Blackberry Priv suffered.

Apple products have always been the talk of the town and people have always fantasized about their new products way before release. Until now Apple never objected against it. They usually promoted leaks as they subsequently helped the sale of their products, but, this time something completely different has happened.

The big story!

The iPhone 13 has leaked, over and over again through various social media websites and Youtube and Tim Cook the CEO of Apple is not happy about it. Usually, Apple does not get involved when it comes to leaks and speculations, and rumors about upcoming products which they may or may not be working on. But, that isn’t the case anymore!

Apple is directly fighting back against the leaking community and if they are successful in their endeavors, leaks of any Apple products might never in the future.

Why is Apple so prone to leaks?

There are numerous significant and insignificant reasons behind this but, we will talk about the most notable ones

  • Apple is one of the most successful and valuable companies globally thus, people always seem fascinated by what they want to do next.
  • They always will work with the latest cutting-edge technologies which draw a lot of public attention.
  • Most of their projects are very secretive and they never open up about a product until its final release date.
  • As the market of Android smartphones has boomed people all around the world are eyeing at Apple to see what they do to stand apart in such a competitive market.
  • Apple is always kind of a “Trend-setter” in the electronics market thus people always want to know their next move.
  • Most importantly, people are curious about new things, new tech, new options of expandability, and everything new.

"Here's" why Apple hates leaks so much

Apple is a big company that houses more than 140,000 employees globally and also has tie-ups with more than 150 smaller companies who make the smaller components for an Apple product.

Whenever you work with such a diverse group of people some mismanagement of confidential data is bound to happen. Mostly Apple enthusiasts like you and me lookout for those small links of Apple and enquire about their role. When information about the n-number of smaller roles is collected these enthusiasts sit down and try to figure out where each part of the jigsaw puzzle fits and thus, they come up with a concept which they could leak.

You would not believe it. But leaking about upcoming Apple products is like a multi-million dollar business in itself.

What is Apple doing to stop the leaks?

You would be surprised to know that Apple is reaching the minute grassroot-level to stop any further leaks.

According to a trusted source, the lawyers associated with Apple have targeted numerous online content creators who have played a big part in the leaks. The lawyers will contact each one of them and issue a legal warning that prevents them from repeating this action ever again.

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How are leakers acting after this news?

As of now, dozens of content creators in the US alone have tweeted about either deleting or toning down their past contents related to iPhone 13 and any other products that Apple is trying to release in the near future.

In no time other international creators too might follow in the same footsteps.

What’s the Endgame of Apple?

After reading this you might be asking, “Why is Apple doing this, what’s the motive behind all this?”

Well, Apple is simply trying to protect itself. It’s a common animal instinct to protect and seclude yourself in times of adversity and Apple is doing just that. Over the years Apple has lost subsequent amounts of money in iPhone sales because of these leaks. Plus, Apple doesn’t want to give away any information about their new releases to their competitors or mislead customers about an unreleased product.

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So, the leak of the iPhone 13 may be the last major tech leak we can see in this decade.

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