Apple Pencil: When and How to replace the tip

Apple pencil is a wireless stylus pen, but like usual pencils, it also gets wear and tear. This advanced pencil is used for multiple things like writing, sketching, navigating through the operating system. The pen is very useful because it has palm rejection and it is precise. It also has pressure and tilts sensitivity.

When to replace your Apple Pencil tip?

Like a regular pencil, there comes a time when you will need to replace your Apple pencil, but do you know when to replace it? There are few signs that you can observe and decide whether to replace the pencil or not.

If you have been using the pencil for more than a year, then there is a high chance that it is ready for replacement. After repeated use, the tip gets wear and tear.

If the pencil does not feel smooth over the screen and there is a lot of friction, then it is a sign that the tip needs replacement. There is another sign for tip replacement, and that is broken gaps in brush strokes while using Procreate. Broken gaps in brush strokes can make your picture or illustration flawed.

Even if your pencil tip feels rough or it has become less responsive, you must change it.

How to replace your apple pencil tip?

Replacing the apple pencil tip is very simple; you just need to read these few tips.

  • Twist the tip of the apple pencil in a counter-clockwise direction till it comes off completely.
  • The golden pins of the apple pencil will be exposed once the tip gets removed.
  • Place the new top above the golden pins and twist it in the clockwise direction.
  • Make sure you don’t over-tighten it and test it once on your iPad.


Apple Pencil is a great tool to manage and organize the stuff on the iPad. It is also a great way to express creativity, but you must take its proper care, and for that, replacement of the pencil tip is necessary when required.