Apple offers a helping hand to homeless people of New York's coastline

Apple offers a helping hand through community service to homeless people on New York's coastline.

This simple community service will help a lot of financially disabled people in New York to enjoy their Christmas like everyone else.

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Apple's CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Activities

Apple celebrates an entire year of giving back to the communities it considers home. Volunteer programs and Employee donations have raised about $725 million in the last decade.

For a few hours each week, Apple Corporate Team member Mandy Hazen logs onto the Crisis Text Line platform from her home in Fremont, California, and chats with other users across the nation who are struggling with challenging personal issues.

As the COVID-19 epidemic started, the veteran Apple volunteer began searching for ways of helping others from a distance and came across a non-profit organization that provides anonymously to a person who is trained by experts to listen and offer assistance.

Since joining the organization in March 2020, Hazen has completed more than 400 texts through one of Apple's employee giving programs.

Apple will match each hour of employee volunteerism, or every amount they give, by making a monetary contribution to the same non-profit.

"It makes me so happy that Apple helps to magnify the time I put into this," Hazen adds. Hazen. "The money is being given to such an amazing organization that is meeting people who are in a really difficult time of life."

Through her volunteer work, she's been able to counsel hundreds of people struggling with issues like domestic violence, depression, or isolation, and whenever needed, connect them with professionals for assistance and support.

All across the United States and around the globe, Apple and its employees are constantly finding ways to help the communities where they live.

How much factual difference has Apple made so far in years

This year, the Apple Employee Giving program will be celebrating its 10th anniversary. The program has collected nearly $725 million for 39,000 organizations across the globe, and more than $120 million has been distributed to various organizations across the world in the first year alone.

The amount of money Apple Co. has raised through its Employee Giving program is the combination of the efforts of the company's 68,000 employees who have given about 2 million volunteer hours.

In addition to the donations that are made via the Employee Giving program, the Apple Community Investment team donates millions of dollars every year to charities around the world, which include World Central Kitchen, The King Center, and the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation.

Apple also gives millions of dollars each & every year via its Strengthen Local Communities (SLC) grant program. It provides funds to local groups in the communities in which Apple team members reside and work.

In St. Bartholomew's Church in Midtown, Manhattan, there is a long line of both men and women thronging to purchase food. This soup kitchen is open all week long, regardless of the weather. They haven't been absent from a single night for the past 36 years.

The program is part of the Grand Central Food Program, one of the many programs offered through the coalition for the homeless that help the most vulnerable people in New York City. Apple helps to finance the coalition's efforts via SLC grants.

Juan De La Cruz is the director of the Grand Central Food Program and has witnessed the number of people who are served by St. Bart's go from approximately 150 per night before COVID-19 and up to 425 per night during the pandemic.

Tom Sheppard has been designated as an Apple Store team member in New York City for more than a decade (2009).

The three children he had with him were students at Public School 41 (P.S. 41) in the Bronx, and Sheppard began to volunteer to provide them with the same opportunities as students from other schools had.

Over three years, Sheppard gave over 1,000 hours. In the first year, this amounted to an estimate of $10,000 from Apple, which matched his volunteer hours via a giving program.

LaToya Reed's children are also at P.S. 41. She was also introduced to Sheppard through his volunteer work. She was so enthused by Sheppard's work and dedication to volunteering that she decided to get started working as a volunteer.