Apple Inks Deal for

Apple has been actively acquiring series and shows for Apple TV+ under the belt of Apple Inc to expand on OTT and engage viewers. Therefore, Apple is making new ventures, whether it is about signing shows for kids, or adults, or artists and rap fans. These attempts of Apple are to ensure that their loyal consumer base remains theirs.

However, capitalists might see it as another catch bait and measure that a corporation takes to build a consumer base further. Time will see whether these attempts made by Apple are helping them. In that same spirit, Apple has inked a deal with yet another "The Big Door Prize" from the writer of 'Schitt's Creek.' Get to know all the relevant detail about this deal in this article.

What has Apple planned with "The Big Door Prize"

Apple has gotten the rights to 'The Big Door Prize,' a comedy-based M.O. Walsh's bestselling novel. It is of the same name, and it is a half an hour show. Apple was actively involved in the bidding war for this series and won amongst many others who also placed their bids.

This project is mastered by 'Schitt's Creek,' the writer and executive producer David West Read. The show is expected to have 10 half an hour episodes. David is also working and writing an adaptation and is set to serve as showrunner.

About 'The Big Door Prize'

'The Big Door Prize' tells the story of residents of a small town which is named Deerfield. They discover that there is a magical, destiny predicting machine in a grocery store which was local. The book description throws better light on the novel that summarizes as:

What will your reaction be like when you realize what your life's potential is? The same is the question faced by the residents of Deerfield, Louisiana, when the DNAMIX machine appears in their local greens and grocery store. There is nothing special about it. In reality, it looks like it is a simple photo booth. The promise made by it, however, is crazy and amazing! It says, with just a quick swab of your cheek and two dollars, the device can use your DNA science and tell your life potential.

The device is sure to have enough credibility, due to which it makes residents of Deerfield curious, and, soon people like teachers, nurses, and shopkeepers of Deerfield start changing the course of their lives. Some become magicians, some cowboys, and other athletes-including the novel main characters.

They believed that this is their destiny according to the device. The characters involving Douglas Hubbard and his wife, Cherilyn, believed that they were perfectly happy until they realized that they could dream for more.

'The Big Door Prize' comes from Sky dance Television, which is a company that works with Apple on upcoming Apple TV+.


While Apple is making baby steps to strengthen its OTT presence, users anticipate what more can come their way. In an attempt of the same, news has been confirmed that Apple finally inked its deal with "The Big Door Prize" comedy series and is all set with writers and executive producers. Apple users and subscribers shall only have access to this show, and it is written by 'Schitt's Creek' Writer.