Apple in 2022: 3 new MacBooks incoming?

Every year Apple brings out a new lineup of their famous products.

Be it iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or MacBooks. They are always updated year after year.

Under normal circumstances, Apple usually releases 2 MacBooks per year. The MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air. But, this year there have been rumors that Apple might go for one more surprise Macbook.

And, here’s everything you need to know about it…

When will there be the next Apple event?

We may see Apple hold its first major event in 2022 later this month. Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, a reliable apple-watcher, predicted that Apple's first event of this year would take place sometime in March or April. And then narrowed it down to an event on the 8th of March or around.

The company typically holds four events per year, including the spring festival as well as a summer developer conference and a couple of events during the autumn. Fall events are usually held between September and October.

They typically include the latest iPhones along with Apple Watch upgrades. At the same time, the events in October typically feature brand new Macs and iPads. We'll likely be seeing Apple's iPhone 14 this September.

With this in mind, Gurman's March 8 prediction is highly likely. But it's also possible that any announcements or new products Apple has in the pipeline in the spring will be revealed without the hype that a live announcement would bring. In which case, we'll be looking in June to attend Apple's annual WWDC, which is when we're likely to get iOS 16 shortly.

The products we are expecting at the Apple event:

  • The 27-inch iMac (or iMac Pro)
  • The MacBook Air (Mac mini Pro), and
  • The MacBook Pro

Apple had previously announced an updated iMac with the M1 processor. However, this was just the 24-inch model. Bloomberg has stated that it has been reported that Apple is currently working on processor upgrades that will be available for the 27-inch version of the iMac.

It's possible that the Mac Pro and MacBook Air could also require an upgrade. In 2020, the MacBook Air will be the very first MacBook Air model to feature Apple's M1 chipset. However, it's now believed that the MacBook Air could get a revision and the new M2 chip later this year.

The 27-inch iMac (or iMac Pro)

According to a Bloomberg story, Apple is working on a new iMac computer for 2022. This year's iMac, on the other hand, will have a 27-inch display, which is significantly larger than last year's 24-inch display. And it's possible that the iMac Pro's larger size is why it'll be called that. It might have a miniLED display as well as the ProMotion refresh rate capability.

The story also claimed that the iMac Pro will be released in March, in conjunction with the iPhone SE+ 5G, as part of Apple's spring event. However, Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, refuted this allegation, claiming that the launch had been moved back to June. So, if the iMac Pro isn't on the docket for Apple's March presentation, one of the other two Macs may be.

The MacBook Air (Mac mini Pro)

The Mac mini, Apple's small computer, maybe get a makeover. That suggests it might finally get an Apple Silicon CPU, most likely the M1, as the firm prepares to phase out the Intel version. It will be a high-end Mac mini, which is why the moniker Mac mini Pro has been suggested. However, some rumors believe the name might simply be Mac mini to indicate a replacement for the Intel version.

The M1 Pro or M1 Max processor, which debuted with the MacBook Pro models last year, might power the Mac mini Pro. The Mac mini will perform at its best as a result of this. It's also possible that the design will alter. The Mac mini this year might have a two-tone design with a plexiglass-like top and an aluminum casing, according to tipster Jon Prosser. This version may be lower in size than the present one, but it will be far more powerful.

The Mac mini Pro is the most probable of the three Macs to make its debut with other goods during Apple's Spring Event in 2022.

The MacBook Pro 2022

According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, Apple is planning at least two MacBooks for this year.

The first is a MacBook Pro, while the second is a MacBook Air. Now, the MacBook Pro for 2022 might be the polar opposite of last year's model. That indicates it'll be aimed at the lower end of the market, with Apple sacrificing features like 120Hz ProMotion on the mini LCD display.

The CPU might also be downgraded from M1 Pro or M1 Max to M1 or possibly M2, which is apparently in the works.