Apple HomePod and HomePod mini will Support Lossless Audio in Future Software Update

Change is very constant. This has been visible far and wide when it comes to technological advancements. Now is the time of the year when people are most waiting for the fantastic high fidelity lossless audio on Apple Music. A similar integration to which has been confirmed for HomePod and HomePod mini rumored the atmosphere of whether speakers would be able to play the new formats of lossless audio or not. However, the new Apple support document goes into intensive detail about how the changes will be implemented.

Here are some of the latest updates on how HomePod and HomePod mini shall gain support for Apple music lossless audio and more.

How shall lossless audio be implemented on HomePods?

HomePod and HomePod mini use AAC to make sure that Apple claims excellent audio quality. Support for lossless in future software is the mission that they are working on. The advantage of lossless audio is one can stream tunes at the highest resolution using Apple speakers even if it is not very clear.

Furthermore, Apple tries to make an update, so it is possible to run it with the apple watch, the iPod touch could return, and also so that it works on the latest Android 12 versions.

Air pods, Air pods Pro, and Air pods Max beats wireless headphones make use of AAC Bluetooth Codec to ensure optimum quality. This will not be possible with Bluetooth, as Bluetooth does not support lossless audio.

What can users experience through lossless audio format?

Well, let the surprise remain a surprise. However, what can be inferred through this new update is users shall get an amazing audio experience. By using a lossless audio format in HomePod and HomePod mini, one can get the same experience as in Apple music.

Apple has differentiated between lossless 24-bit/48 KHz and hi-res lossless 24 bit/192 kHz in their document. Not every track in the apple catalog will be available in the highest quality. Again, it is not clear what level the HomePods will support. Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV 4K will natively support the 24-bit/48 kHz along with built-in hardware or standard connected headphones.

Apple also explains, more than a 24-bit/192 KHz one, you shall need an external digital to analog converter to listen to apple music lossless in the best possible quality on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac. The headphones will enable ‘exceptional audio quality when using lightning to 3.5mm audio cable for Air pods Max.

However, given the analog to digital transformation in the cable, the playback shall not be completely lossless. This statement has been an official one from Apple as the latest information.


Users await the day when Apple finally releases their HomePods and HomePods mini with the latest lossless audio software. Just like there is in Apple music. Apple is currently attempting to update its software.