Apple Festive Offer: Get free AirPods and Apple Music subscription with every iPhone 12

Buying your favorite products at great prices is everyone's cup of tea.

But, here is an offer via which you can get premium accessories on the purchase of a new iPhone 12. Excited? If yes, then be ready to know-how.

The offer

iPhone users will be looking forward to a treat because Apple's festive offer is now available in India. The offer, which is sure to last for a long time, comes with free AirPods with the purchase of the iPhone 12 or an iPhone 12 mini. It's a great deal for those looking to explore the Apple ecosystem starting from the beginning by purchasing their AirPods along with an iPhone. Also, there is a free subscription to Apple Music for six months that is available with the AirPods, and that's an additional advantage.

The festive offer is only available on the Apple Store, which means your location needs to be serviced by the store to avail of the deal. However, Apple has said that there could be "a delay in the delivery" of items during the high season or when there is a shortage of stock.

There is also the possibility that the offer expires earlier than you had anticipated due to only a limited amount of stock available. This means that you'll have to hurry to take advantage of the deal.

Suppose you purchase the iPhone 12 or an iPhone 12 mini. In that case, Apple bundles the AirPods without a wireless charging accessory at no cost when you are purchasing the device. The AirPods model costs you Rs 14,900 (or $198), and that's an opportunity to gain. The only cost is per iPhone.

You can now upgrade your AirPods model to one with a wireless charging case and an AirPods Pro, both of which cost between Rs 18,900 ($251) and Rs 24,900 ($331).In this case, Apple will only discount an item by 14,900 (198$) rupees. The customer will be required to pay the rest of Rs. 4,000 ($53) in the case of AirPods equipped with wireless charging cases and Rs. 10,000 ($133) in the case for AirPods Pro.

The iPhone 12, as well as the iPhone 12 mini, aren't available at a discount. They are priced at Rs 65,900 (877$) and Rs 59,900 (797$) respectively. This is a bit disappointing as shopping websites such as Flipkart have been selling both iPhone 12 models at their lowest prices throughout the festival sale.

It's worth noting that the iPhone 12 was available for Rs 49,999 (665$) before the sale began, but the price has since risen to Rs 52,999 (705$).This is still a lot cheaper than the price Apple has set for its iPhone 12, but that is in an isolated manner. It's the best deal for those who want to purchase only the iPhone.

Suppose both the iPhone and the AirPods are the ones you're likely to purchase. In that case, the Apple Store's festive promotion is more appealing regardless of the AirPod model you select. In their entirety, the AirPods are on sale at a discount range of Rs. 4,000 (53$) to around Rs. 5,000 (66$) through Amazon and Flipkart, which makes your total price much more than the price you'd buy at the Apple Store.

The Apple Store's deal is logical for those who wish to purchase the bundle. Apple allows customers to receive engravings like their names or favorite emojis on the AirPods at no cost. This isn't offered anywhere else. Additionally, when you get AirPods as part of the purchase, you will also receive six months of a free Apple Music subscription at no cost. This is nearly worth Rs. 594 ($7) to regular customers.

What is the Duration for Apple Festive Offer on Flipkart & Amazon?

The festive season is on, which is the time for offers and discounts. To celebrate, Apple has announced a special offer for those who purchase the iPhone 12.

If you purchase the iPhone 12 or the iPhone 12 mini through the Apple Store, you will receive AirPods at no cost. The festive offer began on the 7th of October and might run till the end of the month.


We can say that this is one of the best offers from Apple. If you are wishing to buy a new iPhone 12 or iPhone 12mini, you can take advantage of this offer as you can get free AirPods and a 6-month Apple Music subscription. Furthermore, if we compare the cost of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini at the Apple store and Flipkart, you can get the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini for a better price at Flipkart.

So, we will say. Get your credit/ debit cards ready and pre-book your device right now. As there are a limited number of devices that will be sold during this sale. Thus, be sure to not miss your chance.