Apple Facts: Why do all Apple accessories come in white?

Apple’s been making AirPods for 3 years now. 15 plus years if you take the original Apple Earphones into the equation too.

But, have you ever noticed what’s the most uncanny resemblance between all of them is?

It's their color - White!

No matter what accessories they will launch they always go with white. The plain white. But, why so?

Why can Apple launch colorful iPhones, colorful iMacs, iPads, and even colorful apple Watches but why leave the accessories behind?

Well, in today’s article we will explain exactly why…

The global appreciation for white

To understand the whole concept of white we will have to dive a bit deeper into the wormhole of human psychology.

White - the color that symbolizes peace and purity has been used to describe many great things. As times evolved various shades of white came forward too but according to many people adding a tint of white to any existing color makes the color much more likable and soothing to the eyes.

Not happy with the answer?

Well, let’s take another example.

People get weirdly creative when they have to choose a mobile cover. They go with all sorts of designer covers, leather covers, and funky colors. But, the whole concept of color becomes a stalemate when you move on to bigger things.

If you look around yourself you will find white takes a vast majority in vehicles, appliances, and other gadgets.

Researchers say, people might get creative with their hobbies but when it comes to something of daily use people prefer a simple color. Thus, the three most popular colors in the world are white, black, and grey.

White among these three is the easiest to make, pops out the most, and complements every other color. That’s why humans prefer white so very much.

The iPod theory

The iPod is perhaps one of the most important reasons that Apple has become so successful. Now back in the days of the first iPod, nearly all Macbooks featured a glowing Apple logo. This logo emitted fluorescent bluish-white light.

This helped the brand logo to stand out and attract people's attention.

But when it came to iPod the company came incurred a problem.

How to add a major signature design element to it?

The new iPod was very small so a glowing Apple logo was not possible plus, it would always be inside people's pockets thus, coloring the devices white too wouldn't solve any problems.

That’s when Apple turned its head towards the accessories.

Back then all headphones in the market used to come in black. So apple went against the current and made its headphones white and it was a big success.

People could identify an Apple device from a mile away. And since then white has stayed with Apple as the most logical color option.

A change of pace

White has been with Apple since day one and will be there in the future too but, the future isn't looking so colorless for Apple right now.

In 2020 Apple introduced its flagship AirPods Max and it came with 5 color options. Later on, the accessories of iMacs became colored.

As of now, Apple is moving towards a more colorful future, But whatever may be the case white is still the leading choice for most people out there.


Is white your choice too?

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