Apple enables 5G iPadOS updates for 2021 iPad Pro: Here's what it means

Apple customers will be able to download and install iPadOS updates over 5G on the 2021 iPad Pro, which is a feature Apple first introduced with the iPhone 12.

Apple introduced an extra feature to iOS with the release of 5G-enabled iPhones, allowing iPhone 12 owners to download iOS updates when connected to a 5G cellular network. Apple announced the same functionality for iPadOS in a support page update on Friday.

Users will learn how to handle their data link on the new iPad Pro models on the support page named "Use 5G with your iPad." Users can now tell iPadOS to "Allow More Data on 5G" in a segment about data modes, as spotted by MacRumors.

By enabling the functionality, iOS can use more data for device tasks and app features like higher-quality FaceTime video or high-definition content streams. This choice also allows iPadOS updates to be downloaded via cellular data.

Apple warns that, depending on the carrier, the setting could be set as usual for those users with unlimited data plans. It must be activated manually for other users.

To activate cellular over-the-air iPadOS updates, follow these steps:

  • Open the Settings app on your phone.
  • Cellular Data, then Cellular Data Options are the options available.
  • Select the Data Mode option.
  • Allow more data on 5G by tapping Allow more data on 5G.

Similarly, the current options for Standard and Low Data Model, which retain or minimize the amount of data used on cellular and Wi-Fi, are included in the same section.

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