Apple Desired to Buy Rap-Battle Series 'Verzuz' before Triller

There have been many rumors that Apple wanted to buy Rap-Battle Series' Verzuz'. Apple Inc. did aim to get its hands on the live streaming music platform Verzuz before it was acquired in March by the video network Triller. They suggested that the technology giant still wanted to develop a social music offering.

The Curpentino, a California-based company, has shown interest in acquiring Verzuz and, while Apple company did not get along in the bidding, it still provided a price for Verzuz.

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Apple aimed at buying Verzuz:

Getting back to the hoop from where we left, that Apple did provide a price for Verzuz, but that ended up being much lower than the price paid by Tiller. Many experts released this intricate detail, who didn't want to be identified since these discussions were private and confidential. Verzuz has been created by popular rappers Swizz beats and Timbaland.

The show also has excellent backend support from dozens of famous and known artists. Verzuz lets users and rap fans Livestream rap battles and other musical showdowns. There is a friendly competition between performers and, it streams on Instagram.

It soon became a very popular show during the downtime; however, pandemic lockdown brought it down. Triller then acquired Verzuz for an undisclosed price. Nevertheless, if Apple had bought it, then the corporation was sure to give additional content and more social elements inside the apple music.

When Apple Music was launched, it connected social networks for uniting fans of genres with various artists. However, soon this feature got discontinued on apple music. After few years, apple launches iTunes, an equivalent social network called Ping, which also quickly failed. Apple agreed to the deal around last July and made sure to have each rap battle streamed live on apple music.

It was also programmed to stream in Beats 1, same time as the Verzuz Instagram live channel. The triller deal signaled the end of that partnership.

About Verzuz:

While many have known about the famous Rap battle Verzuz, here is additional bonus info for the readers on what it is if you have been missing out. Verzuz is an American-based webcast series whose producers are Swizz beats and Timbaland. This web series air on Verzuz TV, and it has completed two successful seasons.

Verzuz was introduced recently amidst the COVID-19 pandemic as a virtual Rap battle platform for those who love hip-hop Rap and Rap battles and those looking to showcase their talents on a dignified platform.


It was supposed that Apple Inc. has finally bought the Rap show Verzuz; however, details explain other. The rumors that have been floating around are given some facts in this article for the readers to decide. Verzuz is a popular rap battle series created by Swizz Beats and Timbaland.