Apple Car: Rumors (Automatic Driverless System)

In the dying months of 2021, Apple has dropped another bombshell for us “enthusiasts” as new rumors about the highly anticipated Apple Car surface.

As per the recent myths, Apple Car could house a full automatic driverless System(ADS) in their vehicle. This brand new ADs technology will eliminate the need for a driver as the whole vehicle will be controlled by highly potent AI, from tip to toe.

Excited by this newly revealed information we dug deep and found out more about this rumor. And we are very excited to share our findings with you.

So, let us begin…

The Big News

As per many trusted sources, we have come to know that the highly anticipated Apple Car could house a fully automated driverless system.

This new innovation will eventually give the Apple Car a certain edge over its competitors and help it to establish itself as a true vehicle of the future.

According to one source, the implementation of ADS in the Apple Car will help make the car more compact and provide more space to the passengers. The highly potent AI of the car will come equipped will powerful sensors that will help it perform well on and off-road.

We all know that Apple has been working on a brand new AI for its Apple Car so, if the rumors are true it will not be long before we can see a truly driverless car on the roads.

Automatic Driverless System(ADS)

ADS is the hallmark feature by which any vehicle can drive itself based on its neighboring environment.

ADS is very similar to the AutoPilot mode you hear about in sci-fi films. Just like the AutoPilot system, the ADS collects continuous data about its surroundings about its environment, and a process analyses all the data in real-time to provide instruction to the AI which in turn drives the vehicle.

The concept of ADS has been existent for quite a long time. The first autopilot aircraft was developed as early as 1912 by an American Aviation Corporation. The first practical use of Ariel ADS came around the World Wars but, back then they were not as reliable as human hands.

With time the ADS systems made major improvements. Right now you can see highly capable ADs Systems used by Airlines all over the world.

The introduction of ADS in ground vehicles attracted as late as the 1980s in Germany, which was further developed by numerous Japanese scientists.

But, the ADS became a household name when Telsa Motors spearheaded their vehicles into the market, courtesy of Elon Musk.

But, Here’s the Catch

ADS seems a very futuristic concept on paper. Driverless cars, automated doors, and wipers, automatic weather control, etc, etc. But, there’s some serious limitation to this technology.

First of all, it’s hard to get ADs right for on-road vehicles. Unlike Aircraft that fly on boundless skies, a car has to adhere to drive itself on a road. Plus, while driving on a road the Ai has to take care of a lot of variables which is not the same for an Aircraft.

Secondly, ADS does not have the precise impulses that a human does. If there is a car speeding towards you a human will definitely slow down or try to get out of that vehicle’s way but, an ADS will take much more time to figure those small details out.

Is ADS in Apple Car a possibility?

We say, why not!

It is been less than 4 decades yet vehicular ADS has made great progress. Right now the world is in a fast lane trying to figure out the next step for ADS and it is highly possible that the Apple car will come with integrated ADS.

Final Words

It took humans 5-6 decades to fully master Autopilot modes for Aircraft. Thus, it would be a bit harsh if we expect too much for ADS right now.

As of now, Apple is most assuredly working on methods to try and improve the existing ADS and if they can figure it out we will surely be greeted with a full-automated, driverless Apple Car in a few years.