Apple, Best of 2021: Podcasts

Marking the end of the Eventful year of 2021, Apple has brought forth the Apple Awards. Commemorating all the great developers, artists, apps, games, shows that have made Apple an environment to enjoy.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about the best Podcasts.

So, without further ado. Let us begin.

The News:

Following the announcement of the Apple Music Awards, Apple has begun honoring the top podcasts of 2021. The Apple Podcasts Best of 2021 highlights shows and creators who gave listeners a profound feeling of connection in a difficult and uncertain time, handpicked by Apple Podcasts' world-class editorial staff.

In the "Best Show of the Year" category, Apple Podcasts awarded the prize to "A Slight Change of Plans" with Maya Shankar from Pushkin Industries, and it also gave the "Newcomer of the Year" award to "Anything for Selena" with Maria Garcia from WBUR and Futuro Studios.

As per Apple, "these deeply personal yet universally relatable shows grapple with profound change, perceptions of identity and self-worth, and the meaning of belonging, with thought-provoking discussions that reflect the human experience."

Alongside Best Program of the Year as well as The Newcomer Award, Apple's Podcasts honored the episodes and shows that "defined and reflected 2021." These are the results:

The Top Shows of the Year, as per Apple Podcasts

1. Children's Book About: The podcast by Matthew Winner, for taking an intelligent, warm, and thoughtful approach to explaining the most important aspects of life, such as fear of failure, divorce, and money for kids. However, they also talk about activism, sharing.

2. Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain, for making listeners feel like they're her best friends, helping them through their doubts and despair with her distinct openness, frank insights, and sincere love.

3. Good Inside with Dr. Becky, for Becky Kennedy's soothing, affirming voice to all parents and recognizing that when this moment (and parenting in general) is difficult, it's because it's.

4. Las Culturistas: for an escapist and fun experience that will take listeners on a fun, thrilling, and unforgettable journey through the center of culture, with Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang from Will Ferrell's Big Money Players Network.

5. Pantsuit Politics with Sarah Stewart Holland and Beth Silvers provides an original approach to news and politics via lively conversations that explore the real, complex, difficult differences that continue to exist today.

6. Teenager Therapy featuring Gael Aitor Kayla Suarez Mark Hugo, as well as Thomas Pham, for reminding everyone that open, honest conversations with friends, no matter the topic, -- is the best treatment.

7. The Experiment from The Atlantic and WNYC Studios with Julia Longoria elucidates the idea that nations, like individuals, are not finished works in progress and encourages the discussion of what it means to be an individual citizen.

8. The Midnight Miracle from Luminary features Talib Kweli, Yasiin Bey, and Dave Chappelle for an experience that is unique and brings listeners into the space with dazzling energy from its hosts and extremely special guests.

9. This Land is a book by Crooked Media with Rebecca Nagle to explore and clarify the lives of Native Americans to recontextualize America's understanding of its own culture.

10. u up?" With Jared Fried and Jordana Abraham, they have explored the real, and most of the time it’s hilarious, challenges when trying to meet a partner with great humor that can keep listeners hooked, irrespective of the status of their relationship.

Episodes of podcasts The Best of the Year, according to Apple Podcasts

1. A Friendly Ghost Story is about the painful personal ghosting experience that examines the relationship between humans and stems from "Invisibilia" with Yowei Shaw and Kia Miakka Natisse from NPR.

2. Bubba Wallace, from Club Shay Shay by FOX Sports, in which presenter Shannon Sharpe and Bubba Wallace, who was a Daytona 500 runner-up and the first African American driver to win Rookie of the Year in the NASCAR series, talk about the intersection between entertainment, politics, sports, and human rights.

3. Glorious Basterds is about a meeting with Paul Rudd at a movie theatre that prompts a once-religious Jehovah's Witness to consider her future and begin an entirely new path, based on "Storytime with Seth Rogen" by Earwolf.

4. How Do I Love Someone? A nonfiction rom-com about love and the epidemic, based on "WILD" with Megan Tan, produced by LAist Studios and KPCC.

5. My parents, Ellen and Tom, A clear-eyed and precious episode that lets the host, Ian Coss, examine divorce by asking his parents questions about how the marriage ended with no recrimination, anger, or anger in the song "Forever is a Long Time."

6. The Body Mass Index, from Michael Hobbes' "Maintenance Phase," regarding the BMI's convoluted history and the "fat pandemic."

7. The people in the neighborhood, which explores the death of George Floyd through the neighbors who were witnesses to the incident, is based on "Still Processing" with Jenna Wortham and Wesley Morris by the New York Times.

8. The Symphony is a captivating musical journey that lyrically features Kevin Hart, Questlove, Mo Amer, Bill Burr, Pras, Michelle Wolf, as well as Jon Stewart, from "The Midnight Miracle" featuring Talib Kweli Yasiin Bey, as well as Dave Chappelle, by Luminary.

9. The unwritten/unsaid rules of Black TV The documentary explores the turbulent, inconsistent/fluctuating development of black representation on TV. Starting with "The Experiment" with Hannah Giorgis by WNYC Studios and The Atlantic.

10. This Strange Story is taken from Wondery and Pineapple Street Studios' "9/12" with Dan Taberski, which is about those who were completely cut off from the rest of the world at the time of 9/11 and how they dealt with it.


Congratulations to all the winners of the Best of 2021.

May the holidays be joyous and best of luck to all of them for a new year.