Apple Arcade: Top 10 Open World Games

According to the census report of 2021, Computer Gaming/ Mobile Gaming is the most popular form of digital entertainment of the year. Since 2018, the Computer Gaming/ Mobile Gaming industry has faced a major boost in the form of fans and followers. Right now one out of every three people in the world plays games on their computer or mobile to pass their time.

Games by themselves are very interesting, They:

  • Follow a well-choreographed storyline.
  • Are very addictive.
  • Give everyone a sense of accomplishment.
  • According to scientists gaming in moderation helps in developing motor skills in teens, plus gaming helps people to handle stress better.

Why is Computer Gaming/ Mobile Gaming so popular now?

This whole moment happened due to one single genre of video games: “The Battle Royale”. Unlike other games which followed a certain storyline, Battle Royale was simple and addictive. They featured a fixed location where numerous players were dropped and these players now had to fight each other to emerge as the best.

This simple methodology of survival and wit won over gamers from all around the world and now Battle Royale is the crown jewel of Computer Gaming/ Mobile Gaming.

But, right now Computer/ Mobile gaming has divided into two parts:

Online Games:- They work on a P2P network basis and can only be played if you are connected to the web. Example:- Battle Royale Games.
Offline Games:- Unlike online games, they do not require any web support and can be played anywhere, anytime. Example:- Open World Games.

Click "here" to download the best Battle Royale Games for iOS/ macOS.

Thus, today we have brought to you the list of top 10 Open World Games that are available on Apple Arcade. So, let us begin.

1) Mini Motorways

A sweet and charming manifestation developed by Dinopoloclub. In this game, the user has to create an avatar and play as a developer who is designated to build roads for the city. You can build roads, construct tunnels, lay down signals, and maintain the motorways with utmost precision. As the game progresses you will unlock new building tools, construction vehicles, and new plots of land where you can lay down roads.

If you are looking for a simple low configuration game to kill your time you should check out Mini Motorways.

2) Sneaky Sasquatch

Sneaky Sasquatch is one of the highest-rated games on Apple Arcade. In this game, you will play as a homeless sasquatch who lurks around campsites all around the US in search of food and other necessary goods. You can dress up as a camper, a guide, or a hitchhiker and try to meet your goals.

When you fail a mission the game automatically resets to the last checkpoint and the difficulty of the levels increases gradually as your avatar develops. Sneaky Sasquatch is a great game that we insist on trying out.

3) Cozy Groove

An open-world, role-playing game developed by SpryFox. Cozy Groove is a famous game among children between the ages of 10 to 15. It features an animated island in which your avatar is left stranded. You have to play as the avatar and find new methods of survival. As the game progresses you will be given new tasks in which you can discover new parts of the island, learn more about the natives who live on the island, build huts and help the local ghosts to fulfill their death wishes.

The level of difficulty of this game is moderate enough so you can get hooked.

4) Outlanders

Outlander is a single-player, open-world simulation where you play the role of a leader of a group of people who have been banished from their homeland and now are looking to build a town for themselves.

At first, you will have to use all available resources to make sure you are able to survive in the rough environments of the Outlands then as the storyline commences you will be given new challenges that you have to complete in order to build new things.

Clean interface, simple controls, and basic playing mechanisms make Outlands a great game. So, do try it out.

5) Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue is an underwater exploration simulation developed by ELineMedia. In this game, you will play as Mirai. A deep-sea diver, biologist, and explorer who is out on a voyage to know more about life underwater. In this game, you can talk with other sailors, interact with various sea creatures like dolphins and explore the seas around the world.

You will be guided in every step of this game by an assistant and the main goal of this game is to scan as many fishes as you can and learn more about them so scientists might figure out how to save them in case of a crisis.

6) Hot Lava

I hope we all have played the fun backward game “the floor is lava” without cousins and siblings when we were small. Hot Lava is like the animated version of our favorite childhood memory. In this game, your avatar is a free runner who is trying to cross all obstacles to get out of a burning building. You can not touch the floors as the floor is lava so, you have to depend on the parkour skills of your avatar and sound decision-making to pass every level.

If you love challenging video games, Hot Lava is the game for you.

7) Lifeslide

Lakeside is a flying simulation developed by DreamTechStudios. In this game, you will play the role of a paper plane that has to fly past all obstacles to reach a destination. Use the controls to gather momentum on the paper plane from the flowing air currents. As the level passes, you will meet new challenges which will test your motor skills and patience.

With every passing mission, you will unlock new paper planes and flying techniques.

8) Manifold Garden

Manifold Garden is a game inspired by Christopher Nolan's film - Inception. In this game, you will play as a creator of a world who is trying to understand his creation. You have to understand the architecture of the map and try to intercept it so you can reach the Cathedral to uncover a big mystery.

Unlike other games, Manifold Garden is not for everyone, it takes time to understand but once you do. There is no going back

9) The Pathless

A single-player, strategy simulation. In The Pathless you play the role of an archer and an eagle who are on a journey to go to the heart of a dark forest to take down dark creatures who have captured the mystic Island.

10) Morphite

We saved the best for the last. Morphite is one of the highest-rated games in Apple Arcade. In this game, you play the role of Myrah Cale, a young woman who lives in the suburbs whose life has taken a huge turn when a simple lunar mission turns out to be a great interstellar voyage.

In this game, you have to travel far and wide in space in search of - Morphite, a substance that can restore peace back to Myrah's home planet.

And those were our top picks. If you have not played them, be sure to download them and enjoy your leisure time. Happy Gaming Everyone!