Apple Arcade:

"Disney Melee Mania" is the next big release for Apple Arcade, according to Apple.

After the massive success of 200+ game titles, Apple Arcade is planning to end this prosperous year with a massive press release of “Disney Melee Mania”. As you can guess from the name itself, this game is an original game designed by Disney and Pixar Studios that will feature your favorite Disney Characters in a new simulation.

What's the Big News?

Apple, together with Disney, as well as Mighty Bear Games, revealed that Disney Melee Mania would be released on Apple Arcade within the next few days. It will only be available on the Apple Arcade platform, and you'll be able to fight with your most beloved Disney as well as Pixar characters in 3v3 battles to determine which side is the best of both.

Check out the most recent trailer for the game at the bottom of the page, along with additional information from the game's creators about the adorable-looking battler, as we await their announcement to give the official date for release.

Disney Melee Mania lets players play in an online battleground that allows players to select among 12 different champions from Disney as well as Pixar's old-fashioned characters. Additional characters are added frequently. Players will form teams that are ready for the rumble, featuring iconic and popular Disney as well as Pixar characters who will battle each other in a stunning virtual arena that has never been seen before.

Starting with Wreck-It Ralph, Elsa, and Mickey Mouse, to Frozone, Moana, and Buzz Lightyear, every participant will pick their virtual hero to take on 3v3 battles with their opponents and friends as they fight to become the ultimate Disney champion.

Each champion will wear an exclusive, action-ready style with the same set of legendary moves as well as cosmetics that can be unlocked. Through five-minute battles that are packed with action in each battle, arena players must achieve the highest number of points and defeat the team they are competing against at least as many times as they can to have a shot at winning.

There will be fast-paced battles between multiple players that test each player's capabilities to the test during close-combat battles, and they will have a variety of options and challenges that test their abilities as well as earn rewards in games.

"We're ecstatic to collaborate with Disney on the first-ever Disney and Pixar combat arena game, accessible exclusively on Apple Arcade," says Simon Davis, CEO of Mighty Bear Games. "Fans will battle with arcade-style Disney and Pixar champions to survive the chaotic brawl and stay in the spotlight in a thrilling and fierce all-out combat."


Apple, as well as Disney and Mighty Bear Games, revealed that Disney Melee Mania would be available on Apple Arcade within the next few days.

This new game is only scheduled to launch in the Apple Arcade but as time passes by we might unravel more interesting things about this new game title.

As of now, our hopes are high for Disney Melee Mania and we hope it will be “the game” that will please a lot of Disney lovers around the globe.