Apple AR/ VR headset: Everything we know till now.

It's been almost a whole year or even more since the very first rumors of Apple's AR/ VR headset first hit the market.

Thus, here we are today recalling all the major rumors of one of the most anticipated devices from Apple in the coming years.

Let us begin...

The News:

It is believed that the Apple AR headset is expected to be the next major innovation by the Cupertino-based company. The first reports about it surfaced in 2017, and since then, we've been hearing about the AR headset every once or twice. The report earlier stated that Apple would introduce the technology to its customers in 2020.

However, that didn't appear to occur, and a precise timeframe for its launch has yet to be announced. Based on that, an exciting report claims it is likely that the Apple AR headset will arrive no later than 2022.

An earlier report claimed in the past that the Apple AR headset would work with an iPhone. But the latest developments suggest that it could be a stand-alone product. Apple is expected to run this device using the M1 chipset to manage all the demanding computing. Furthermore, the VR headset is likely to be equipped with 3D sensors.

The sensors will be capable of detecting objects within the environment as well as the movements performed by the user's hand. According to another report, it could be that the Apple AR headset may weigh 350 grams. We now know more about the rumored headset being developed, and we'll continue with all the information.

Specifications and Features of the Apple AR Headset

The Apple AR headset has been said to be in the working stages for quite some time. However, some new reports are suggesting a launch date in the coming year. This follows on from the fact that the 2020 launch date turned out to be untrue, likely due to the design of the launch and supply limitations.

We had no precise concept regarding what the Apple AR headset might look like. However, a new set of stunning renders have come to light to give us the most accurate view of this Apple AR headset. The renders were designed by the creator, Ian Zelbo, based on details from "The Information" report.

Its Apple AR headset appears with a large, curved display in the front. A headband similar to the Apple Watch band is attached to the headset. The headband will likely be adjustable to suit various head sizes. Additionally, we see a mesh on the inside of the glass. It's like that of AirPods. AirPods Max should provide maximum comfort for those who will be wearing the device for extended periods.

There's also the AirPods Max button on top of the device, but its function isn't known. Therefore, it's not incorrect to conclude that Apple has taken a variety of design inspirations from its current range of products to create this Apple AR headset.

It's impossible to say for certain that there's a guarantee that the Apple AR headset will look exactly like the model shown in the above renders. But, if you look at Ian's past track record, it's not fair to dismiss this concept completely.

What does The well-known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo have to say

He recently said that Apple's AR headset will be fitted with sophisticated 3D sensors that can detect objects within the scene and gestures that are made by the user's hands. In addition, the Apple AR headset is tipped to have two screens that are 8K for ultra-high-resolution images and videos.

Kuo previously said that Kuo had previously stated that the Apple AR headset would rely heavily on iPhones. However, now he believes that the headset can be a stand-alone device. It's, therefore, possible that Apple might make use of its M1 chipset to handle the complex processing of the headset.

Past claims and initial rumors

Although those were the most recent developments, let's go through the background of news reports that surfaced following the initial rumors of Apple's AR headset. In the year 2017, Bloomberg published a story claiming Apple had been testing an entirely new headset that had a system-in-package that was similar to the Apple Watch Series 1. The report further stated that this device will run "ROS" based on iOS.

In 2018, the tech giant sat down with companies that are specialized in creating elements to support AR as well as VR devices. The list also included an organization called eMagin, which makes OLED display components for headsets of the same sort.

Additionally, in the year 2019, 9to5Mac discovered references to an AR device that was being created by Apple. The iOS 13 code also hinted that Apple was testing AR mode by using apps like Maps, Find My, and Quick Look. The purpose of this was to look at web content in AR. In addition, the company said that it was testing APIs that could support games and other apps.

The same year, Bloomberg covered Apple's AR headset, which can display text, emails, maps, games, and much more through a display holographically integrated inside the lens. Therefore, there are numerous sources to confirm that the headset is indeed present. Apple AR Headset. But, it's too early to declare its capabilities. Apple AR headset.

Expected launch date and price details of Apple's AR headset

Numerous launch times are being considered for the release of the Apple AR headset. In the past, Kuo mentioned a launch in Q2 of the year. Now, he is convinced that the launch will occur in the 4th quarter of 2022. Kuo claims this delay could be due to the intricate structure that is the Apple AR headset and Apple's standards.

Apple as an organization has a strong emphasis on the creation of top-quality hardware products. The current lineup of products is an excellent example of this. However, AR headsets are pricey in their own right, so the most modern Apple device of the same model will cost a significant number of dollars. As per some experts who have studied the market, it is possible that the Apple AR headset could be priced at between $2000 to $4000.