Apple 4th Quarter Results 2021

Apple (AAPL) has reported its fiscal Q4 2021 earnings. It covers the months of July and August (aka calendar Q3). Apple's September quarter revenue record was $83.4 billion. This is an increase of 29% over the previous year due to ongoing supply chain problems. It reported a profit of over $20.5 billion, and earnings per share of $1.24. Here’s more about the 4th Quarter results:

The 4th Quarter results

Apple has released its financial results for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2021, which concluded on September 25, 2021. At the end of the quarter, the company set a new revenue record of $83.4 billion, a 29 percent increase over the previous year, and earned $1.24 per dilutive share.

"This year we launched our most powerful products ever, from M1-powered Macs to an iPhone 13 lineup that is setting a new standard for performance and empowering our customers to create and connect in new ways, "says Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. "We are infusing our values into everything we make — moving closer to our 2030 goal of being carbon neutral up and down our supply chain and across the lifecycle of our products, and ever-advancing our mission to build a more equitable future."

The board of directors of Apple has announced a cash dividend of $0.22 per share of common stock of the company. The dividend is due on November 11, 2021, to shareholders in effect at the closing of business on November 8, 2021.

Apple provided live streaming of its Q4 2021 financial results conference call at 2:00 p.m. PT on October 28, 2021, at The webcast will be available to replay for approximately two weeks.

A quick preview of Apple’s 1st, 2nd,3rd Quarter earning results

1st Quarter result

Apple released financial figures for the first quarter of fiscal 2021, which concluded on December 26, 2020. The firm reported all-time high sales of $111.4 billion, up 21% year over year, and a 35 percent increase in quarterly earnings per diluted share at $1.68. International sales contributed 64% of total revenue in the quarter.

2nd Quarter result

Apple has announced its financial results for the second quarter ended on March 27, 2021, for its fiscal 2021. The company reported $89.6 billion in revenue for the March quarter, a 54 percent increase over the previous year, and earnings per dilutive share of $1.40.International sales comprised 70% of the quarter's revenue.

3rd Quarter result

Apple released the financial results of the third quarter of fiscal 2021, which ended June 26th, 2021. Apple reported June quarter revenues of $81.4 billion, a 36% increase over the previous year, and quarterly earnings per dilutive share (EPS) of $1.30.

The Big Shock

The greatest shock of this year's quarterly results was - Apple had apparently doubled its sales in India in just a year. This massive boost in profit margins helped Apple gain more than $20 billion.

This sudden surge in sales will no doubt help plan its future in India and other Asian countries.

Apple’s service revenue

Apple has seen steady growth in its service revenue over the last several years. However, the growth has been slowing. Services revenue increased by 34.4 percent in the fiscal year 2017. Growth slowed to 21.6 percent in the fiscal year 2018, 16.5 percent in the fiscal year 2019, and 16.2 percent in the fiscal year 2020. However, growth is expected to pick up by FY 2021. Services revenue increased by 24.0 percent in the first quarter before rising to 26.6 percent in the second quarter. In the third quarter of 2021, Apple earned a total of 17.49 billion dollars in service revenue.

Final Words

The year 2021 has been a massive year for Apple who has consistently been able to hit 3 figures since 2020. Right now the future looks bright for the biggest company in the world and we hope their legacy stays fresh more decades to come.