Anti revoke iOS. How to avoid apps revokes

kuba - Thursday, 18 April 2019
Anti revoke iOS. How to avoid apps revokes

When you are using popular App Stores like Panda Helper, Tutuapp, AppValley, TweakBox, TopStore, or CokernutX on your iOS device it can happen that Apple will revoke the certificates they used to sign apps. Every time when this will happen installed apps will not run.

Recently there is a big issue with all apps platforms because some users are informing Apple about certificates that are used by the 3rd party AppStores providers. This way Apple blocks the certificates and all installed apps will stop working. There are few ways to create an Anti revoke iOS platform.

Untrusted Enterprise Developer error is displayed when you will install custom apps on your iPhone or after revoke of iOS apps. This feature was intended for system administrators for a school, business, or other organization to develop custom apps for internal needs.

Protection against revokes on iOS

Sign IPA files

One of the most useful tricks would be to sign IPA file manually with software like Cydia Impactor. This will allow you to run apps on your own certificate and avoid iOS revokes. If you don't have an Apple Developer Program you can install only 3 apps and the certificate will be valid for 7 days.

We offer now an option to download IPA files for popular apps in our library.

Sign IPA files

Check our picture instruction tutorial on How to use Cydia Impactor to install IPA files on iOS.

Install a VPN proxy

As you can expect Apple can check all certificates installed on your system and block them. If you will use a VPN connection to the Internet you can block Apple servers and avoid this way certificate revokes. You can use an app like paid AdGuard Pro available via official AppStore.

To configure the app go to AdGuard Pro → Privacy Settings and paste the servers list to block. Now always connect to the Internet via VPN. This will not allow you to install new apps but the method will protect you against revokes of the installed ones. This is a partial Anti revoke iOS solution.

Sideload apps with 25PP

25PP PC is a free software for PC allowing you to sideload iOS apps on your device, and help you to avoid revokes. The iPhone Helper is available in Chinese language but with few clicks, you can easily find, download and install paid apps for free on your device. Let's see how to do it!

Sideload IPA files with 25PP

Step 1. Open 25PP and connect your iPhone to PC via USB cable.

Step 2. Open the Shop Tab and type the app name in SearchBar.

Step 3. Click the download button.

Step 4. After the download will be completed the app will be installed on your device.

25PP can also install PithyReader, the free app allowing you to install apps and games on your iOS without need to use a PC. The user flow is similar to other popular App Store platforms you probably know already. PithyReader will be installed after connecting your device to PC with opened 25PP.

Install apps and games via PithyReader

If you are using a jailbroken iOS system it's required to install Apple File Conduit 2 package from BigBoss repository to run the PithyReader app.

Install LazarusJailed hack

LazarusJailed uses the voucher_swap exploit to block revokes using the method created by Jakeashacks and Pwn20wnd. Install the LazarusJailed.ipa file using Cydia Impactor and Block Revokes after installing apps on your system. After respring, the Anti revoke iOS exploit should work.

Block revokes on iOS

This anti revoke method should work with apps installed via Panda Helper, Tutuapp, AppValley, TweakBox, TopStore, or CokernutX. Install the LazarusJailed tweak on all devices including jailbroken.

Install Ignition App

Ignition App is a free 3rd party AppStore for iOS 11 and iOS 12 with access to a library of hundreds off apps, tweaks, and jailbreak tools. Navigate through categories like AppStore, Emulators, Entertainment, Experimental, Games, Jailbreaks, Social, Tweaked, and Utilities.

Ignition App

Jailbreak your device

If you are running iOS 12.1.2 or lower you should consider jailbreaking your device. This will allow you to forget about iOS revokes and install apps like AppCake, the native platform to install IPA files on your iOS device, or ReProvision, the IPA signing app offering Cydia Impactor features.

unc0ver offers a anti-revoke feature on iOS

Discover how to jailbreak iOS with unc0ver from our step-by-step guide How to jailbreak iOS 11 to iOS 12.1.2 on your iPhone - no PC. You can also sideload unc0ver IPA file using Cydia Impactor.

Install AppSync Unified

AppSync Unified is a jailbreak tweak to install unsigned, fakesigned, or ad-hoc signed IPA packages on an iOS device. Simply download any IPA file in your browser and copy it to Fliza. Install the file from the file manager. AppSync Unified works with iOS 12 and is available from AppCake repo.

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