Analyst Anticipates New 14-inch And 16-inch Macbook Pro At WWDC

Dan Ives of Wedbush Securities' new analyst report provides insight into Apple's forthcoming product plan. Ives believes that, like other rumors, Apple will replace the 16-inch MacBook Pro with an Apple Silicon variant and a chassis redesign with dedicated IO connectors.

Bloomberg's report anticipates iOS 15 will have new alerts capabilities, more privacy awareness, and maybe iMessage updates. The visuals from the WWDC press conference strongly imply an iMessage link. Next week is Apple's developer conference, with the consumer product keynote taking place on Monday.

Apple's next operating system platforms, iOS 15, watchOS 8, tvOS 15, and macOS 12, will be unveiled at WWDC 2021.

There haven't been many leaks about what's to come, unlike in the previous post. Aside from Bloomberg's coverage of iOS 15 features such as improvements to the Lock Screen, widgets on the iPad Home Screen, and new information alert settings, the Rumor Mill has been rather quiet this year. According to one rumor, the Health app will have meal monitoring capabilities.

Except for iOS for the iPhone, there isn't much information available about Apple's other platforms. After the powerful M1 iPad Pro launch, there are great expectations for a major iPad makeover this year, but nothing solid has emerged in reporting, even at this late stage. But what to anticipate from watchOS 8 and TVOS 15 this year is likewise uncertain.

Wedbush anticipates the "iPhone supercycle party" to continue with the iPhone 13 in the future. In step with their most up-to-date offer chain inspections, the iPhone 13 is anticipated to be free within the third week of Sept. Of course, timetables are subject to alteration. Apple's iPhone 13 orders, according to Wedbush, are around two hundredths over. They were at a similar time last year for the iPhone 12.

How is the new system going to work?

Unlike the recent history, Apple has not confirmed any kind of leaks and information regarding the products and others. However, other sources can be trusted. Starting from Bloomberg's reporting to the iOS 15 feature, people and potential buyers can take a look at a lot of things, including lock screen management, widgets present on the IPad home screen, and amazing new features that the company is going to launch accordingly.

There is also a new addition of a proper notification alert, specially there are alert options which are present and can help all the users to have a system enounced with the use of their smartphone. Another leak into the feature has shown that some new and exciting things will be delivered, such as the suggested Health app food tracking feature that can help users keep a limit on their special food stores nearby.