An iPhone can save you from a car crash

We all know that an iPhone is capable of doing some wonderful things, But did you know it could save you from a car crash? Yes, you read that right…. “Car Crash”.

According to the Wall Street Journal, an Apple iPhone can save you from a car crash.

But, how?

Well, let’s find out together, Shall we…

Did you know an Apple iPhone can save you from a car crash, but how?

An Apple iPhone could help you save your life in the event that you are involved in an accident. According to an article by The Wall Street Journal, Apple hopes that the iPhone will automatically dial 911 in the case of an auto accident.

According to reports, crash detection for iPhones or Apple Watches is reportedly in the process, likely in conjunction with iOS 16 and WatchOS 9. If there is an automobile accident, Google's Personal Safety app on Pixel phones is already able to alert emergency services.

Many lives could be saved by enabling crash detection. It can be made available for the iPhone in the sense that more motorists would have access to the help they need in an accident if they carried their mobile phones in their vehicles.

As per the report, crash detection technology analyses the information gathered by sensors integrated into Apple devices. The devices will include an accelerometer in their sensor systems. It detects car accidents through increasing gravity or g-force. '

The crash detection feature was tested by collecting anonymized information from iPhone or Apple Watch users in 2021. According to the Wall Street Journal's report, A study has revealed that it was found that the iPhone, along with Apple Watches, was able to detect more than 10 million suspected collisions between vehicles, of which over half resulted in 911 emergency calls.

According to Apple, the rise of dangerous smartphone use in vehicles prompted the development of integration tools such as CarPlay and Android Auto, with the former being installed in nearly 80% of new vehicles by 2020.

Apple's devices are safer when this feature of crash detection is made available.

The fall detection feature of Apple's Watch was introduced in 2018 and operated in the same way. At the time that iOS was first introduced, it was a tool to analyze the stability of a user's walk. That tool is now available on the device.

Numerous third-party applications available in the App Store can provide auto-crash detection.


Many people have lost their lives in car crashes, and this feature that the Apple iPhone has can actually save lives during car crashes.

Anyone who carries an iPhone in their vehicle can get help from their iPhone in the event of a car crash.

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