Who on Earth wouldn't love AirPods?

These cool-looking wireless earphones have been one of the most successful devices that Apple ever launched. So much so that it's their highest sold product till date.

But, despite everything AirPods are among the most faked products in the world.

Many people purchase fake AirPods at a bargain price without checking the quality of the product.

Thus, in today's article, we will guide you through the steps by which you can check the legitimacy of your AirPods or check an AirPods before buying it, So you don’t get ripped off.

How can you tell if your AirPods are genuine using the serial number?

The serial number is the unique identifier of an item. It is a mixture of letters and numbers that is assigned only to a particular product.

This permits Apple to monitor particular units in inventory. In addition, Apple also uses serial numbers to determine defective batches.

For customers, the serial number serves as evidence that the item was manufactured by Apple and not by another manufacturer.

For AirPods, the serial numbers can be found at a variety of locations. It is located in the settings on the case's lid for charging as well as on the case.

We also found that fake AirPods come with distinct serial numbers, both on the box and on the earbuds themselves.

1. The price difference between real and fake AirPods

The cost difference between authentic and fake AirPods is the main reason for fake buyers. So, in the end, why pay more than $100 for genuine AirPods instead of buying an identical pair to the original for less than a third of the cost?

At the moment, AirPods that come with wireless charging cases cost $169, while the non-wireless charging version costs $145.

So even with Black Friday sales, the AirPods are still priced at about $100. Contrary to that, counterfeit AirPods can be purchased for anywhere between $10 and $40, depending on quality.

The best way to be sure that you're purchasing genuine items is to buy directly from Apple Stores that are Apple-authorized Resellers.

It is possible to use Apple's locate the page to locate the closest legitimate sellers in your area. If you're purchasing through websites like Amazon, ensure that you're purchasing from the authentic Apple Store.

2. How to recognize fake AirPods through their packaging

Simple, smart, and clean are the best terms to refer to the packaging that comes packed with Apple products. Anyone who has a clue about tech brands is aware of how Apple takes care of the specifics, even in the packaging.

Due to this, counterfeit companies appear to have a tougher time creating quality packaging than the earbuds themselves.

Here's how you can utilize authenticated packaging that authenticates your AirPods:

3. Make sure you check for misspellings or incorrect information

An organization like Apple is unlikely to be able to spot typographical errors on the box or even in the manuals.

The materials undergo multiple rounds of copywriters and proofreaders before they are printed. If you find any flaws in the AirPods packaging, then you're dealing with a fake one.

4. Box Contents and Logo

You can verify the authenticity of your AirPods by looking inside the box. Most of the time, counterfeit AirPods will only come with the manual.

However, authentic AirPods will have two additional documents apart from the manual: the safety sheet and warranty card.

In addition, the logo is among the initial items users look at inside the AirPods box. The original version is sharper and has a sharp edge in the region of the bite. The counterfeit version could, however, have edges that are rounded.

5. Color and font consistency

The differences in fonts can be challenging to identify, particularly in the absence of the actual AirPods to use as a source.

The most common counterfeit AirPods are made with a smaller and more pronounced font, with less space between each letter.

The color of the text could be used to establish authenticity. Though subtle, you will be able to see that fakes appear to have a darker grey shade for the text.

6. Snug Fit

Who would have thought that the sensation of suction that you get when you open the packaging of an Apple product was deliberately placed there?

Apple boxes are made up of two pieces—an inside box that holds the contents of the box and an outer box that displays the logo of the product. To open the box, you'll need to lift the outer box, then wait for the inside box to release itself naturally.

Unfortunately, this is something that the majority of counterfeit items are not able to do.

To verify this, buy another box that is a genuine Apple product. Get familiar with the suction and drag of the box and check it against the one in your AirPods box. If you don't feel identical, you likely have fake AirPods.


And that’s how to know if your AirPods are legit or not.

Be sure to check the following features whenever you buy any AirPods online.

Hope you liked the article. We will be back soon with other fun hacks and tutorials, until then. Stay Tuned, Good Day!